Author V. C. Mohan
Last modified Date 17 jul 2015

This plugin operates in frequency domain and requires for avisynth FFTw3 32 bit dll or for avisynth+ FFTw3 64 bit dll

plugin for avisynth versions 2.5 and 2.6 are in 32 bit, while for avisynth+ it is in 64 bit .

Often video images have three types of blur.
1. Blur due to relative movement of camera during the short time the shutter is open,
2. Blur due to subjects being out of focus
3. combination of both.

Amount of blur due to out of focus is dependant on the distance of the objects from the camera and likely to vary within same image. Motion blur is dependant on the subtended angle of the objects and therefore will also vary. Restoring image from such blurs is almost impossible. However in certain cases a large part of image may have a constant one type of blur. This plugin may be able to restore such images.

This plugin has 4 functions.
1. FQBlur : produces either a motion blur or out of focus blur on an image or part of it.
2. FQRestore : Restores image by unblurring, given the blur estimate.
3. FQVisual : Provides visual aid to estimate type and amount of blur present in (part of) image.In experimental stage. Presently not available
4. FQAutoFocus : Experimenting. Not available now. Restores out of focus image by refocussing automatically.

The frequency domain inversion implemented here can lead to instability. Addition of white noise and limiting operator radius are included to contain ringing. Since these also limit other frequencies, the image luma level is affected. Corrective scaling can be applied.

While all 3 color planes of RGB formats are processed, in case of YUY2 and Planar only Luma (Y) is processed.RGB formats may therefore run slower as processing has to be performed on the three color planes separately.

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