Author V. C. Mohan
Last modified Date Mar 2017

In several applications of video image processing, coordinates along width (x axis) and height (Y axis) need to be specified with a fair degree of accuracy. Grid plugin facilitates this by superimposing a Grid on the frame.

Grid lines are drawn as dotted lines, while those specified as bold are drawn as dashed lines and very bold ones are drawn as full lines. Color of these lines can be specified.

In 2.5 and 2.6 versions origin of grid is left top corner. In addition or as an alternative graduated central axes lines can be displayed

In avisynth+ version if only grid is set true ( axis = false) then top left corner is used as origin. If both grid and axis are set to true, then frame center is used for grid. If only axis is set true then graduated central axes lines are displayed

RGB32, RGB24, YUY2 and all planar (YV12 only by 2.5 version) formats are supported. 2.6 version supports all formats supported by 2.6. avisynth+ version supports all color formats and bit depths supported by avisynth+ recent (2237 +) builds. It is thread safe MT_NICE_FILTER.
Details of parameters
Description Name Type Limits Default
Input clip clip none
grid display to start from frame number sf integer must be within clip. 0
grid display to end on frame number ef integer must be within clip and not less than sf. last frame of clip
grid line (dotted) interval in pixels lineint integer Positive even number not less than 4 10
bold line( dashed) at every nth grid line bold integer 5
very bold line( solid) at every nth bold line vbold integer 2
color of grid line color integer specified as RRGGBB 0
color of bold line bcolor integer specified as RRGGBB color
color of very bold line vbcolor integer specified as RRGGBB color
Whether grid lines to be displayed grid boolean true / false true
Whether axis lines to be displayed axis boolean true / false false

#Usage examples:-
#for grid lines and very bold lines only (vbold=1 ensures it)
# vbold lines will not be displayed as large value ensures out of frame

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