Author V. C. Mohan
Date 4 Feb 2013
EMail: mohanvc

SwitchByAudio plugin for Avisynth 2.5 version, is free and the author does not give any guarentee for its operation. It may be downloaded and used at the users risk.

A user was asking for guidance for a requirement of switching back and forth of two video based upon the presence of a pause in audio.

The input to this plugin consists of two identical format and length (number of frames)video clips say L and R with the first clip L having the audio also. The second clip R may also contain the audio. A third clip M is created using the avisynth internal filters of converttomono() and convertAudioTo8bit(). Maximum level of sound during pause and minimum length in seconds to consider as pause are to be input. Switchat parameter facilitates defining during which part of pause switching is to be done. 0 corresponds to start of pause and 10 to end of pause.For intermediate values the actual frame of switching will depend on length of that particular pause

Details of parameters
Description Name Type Limits Default
Input clip l clip none
Input clip r clip none
Input clip s clip none
Minlength of pause in seconds psec float 0.3 2
Max audio level during Pause plevel float 0 to 100 2
Frame of switching during pause switchat int 0 to 10 5

Usage examples

following example script
# L clip
L = ---source(---)
# R clip
R= ---source(----)
#create M clip
M= l.converttoMono()
M= M.convertAudioto8bit()

switchbyaudio(L,R,M, psec=0.5, plevel = 5)
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