Author V. C. Mohan
Date Apr 17, 2007
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TCNAmpAdjust plugin for Avisynth 2.5 version, is free and the author does not give any guarentee for its operation. It may be downloaded and used at the users risk.

This plugin was developed for a specific problem a user was experiencing with his Telecined frames. It appears that his frames were having a trapezoidal distortion and in addition having the blacks not really black. However due to trapezoidal distortion some part of the top or bottom have values which should correspond to real blacks. This plugin using this to an advantage finds the correction required to bring back true blacks.

user can control the width and height of the rectangluar areas that will be examined for deriving the correction as well as opt for correction to be either fixed shift or proportional shift. If desired user can also specify the location of the rectangle.

This amplitude correction must be done prior to trapezoidal correction.

This plugin works in YUY2, YV12, RGB32 and RGB24 color spaces.

Details of parameters
Description Name Type Limits Default
Input clip clip none
Starting frame number to process sf integer within clip 0
End frame number to process ef integer within clip and not less than sf last frame
type of correction shift boolean true for fixed shift, false for proportional shift false
width of rectangle to be used for deriving correction xx int 5 to frame width/4 15
Height of rectangle to be used for deriving correction yy int 5 to 1/4 th of frame height 5
whether the rectangles to be autopositioned or user specified auto boolean true auto positioning, false for user specified location true
offset of rectangle along width of frame xoff int 0 to frame width - xx 0
offset of rectangle along height of frame yoff int 0 to frame height - yy 0

Usage examples
TCNAmpAdjust( xx =25, yy = 7, shift = true)
TCNAmpAdjust(shift = true, auto = false, xoff = 200, yoff = 50)

# the following script used to output the image below
tca = TCNAmpAdjust(shift = false)
tcs= TCNAmpAdjust(shift = true)
stackhorizontal( last. crop(0,0,240,0), tca. crop(0,0,240,0), tcs. crop(0,0,240,0))

Input on left, proportional shift in middle and fixed shift on the right :-

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