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A blurring filter that is usually used to blur the edge mask (the output of aSobel).

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

aBlur (clip, int "blur", int "type", int "chroma")

clip   =
Input clip.

int  blur = 3
Range: 0 to 100
Number of blur passes over edge mask. Higher values increase blurring strength. Less passes increase sharpening effect, but can produce major artifacts with high depth and thresh.
You can use values higher than 100, but probably won't see any difference. Chroma is processed with (blur+1)/2 passes.
Note: Unless blur is specifically set, it will default to 2 if type=0.

int  type = 1
Type of blur:
  • 0 : radius 6 blur (some kind of 13x13 average).
  • 1 : radius 2 blur (some kind of 5x5 average), requires around 8x more passes than type=0 for the same effect (will be 2.5x slower), but will produce better quality.

int  chroma = 1
Processing mode for the chroma channels (U and V):
  • 0 : fill with 0x80(128), output is grayscale.
  • 1 : don't care - chroma will be trashed.
  • 2 : copy chroma planes from the input clip.
  • 3 : process chroma.
  • 4 : process chroma.
  • 5 : process chroma but copy the luma plane from the input clip.
  • 6 : process chroma but copy the luma plane from the input clip.
Luma plane (Y) is always processed, except for mode 5 and 6.

[edit] Examples

aBlur with default settings:

aBlur(blur=3, type=1, chroma=1)

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