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Author Chikuzen, Aktanusa
Version v1.0-alpha
Category Resize
License Open source
Discussion Doom9 Forum


[edit] Description

AreaResize is an area (average) downscaler plugin for AviSynth. Downscaling in RGB32/RGB24 is also gamma corrected

[edit] Features

  • Gamma corrected downscaling to RGB32/RGB24 (gamma scale of 2.2)
  • Significant performance increase due to multithreading and optimized code

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

AreaResize (clip, int "width", int "height")

clip   =
Input clip.

int  width =
int  height =
Target width and height.

[edit] Examples

How to use:

AviSource("blah.avi") # assume clip is 1080p
AreaResize(width=1280, height=720)

[edit] Changelog

Version      Date            Changes
v1.1-alpha 2018/04/15 - changes by Aktanusa - same as version 1.0 but updated to use AVS+ headers - It's labeled "Alpha" because I was planning on releasing a rewrite along with the header update. v1.0 2018/03/03 - changes by Aktanusa - improved performance - added gamma corrected downscaling to RGB32/RGB24 v0.1.0 2012/08/29 - initial release

[edit] External Links

  • GitHub - updated source code repository.
  • GitHub - Original source code repository (Chikuzen).

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