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Author Loren Merritt, BugMaster
Version 0.24bm3
Download avs2yuv-0.24bm3.zip
Category Utilities
License GPLv2



Avs2YUV is a command-line program, originally intended for use under Wine, to interface between AviSynth and Linux-based video tools. Nowadays is commonly used to pipe video (including high bit depth) to encoders like x264, x265, and FFmpeg/Libav. An advantage of using Avs2YUV is that one can pipe from a 32-bit AviSynth to 64-bit applications.


** If you're using AviSynth 2.5.8, YV12 will be the only colorspace supported.


Usage: avs2yuv [options] in.avs [-o out.y4m] [-o out2.y4m] [-hfyu out.avi]
-v print the frame number after processing each frame -seek seek to the given frame number -frames stop after processing this many frames -slave read a list of frame numbers from stdin (one per line) -raw output raw I420/I422/I444 instead of yuv4mpeg -csp convert to I420/I422/I444 or AUTO colorspace (default I420) -depth specify input bit depth (default 8) -fps overwrite input framerate -par specify pixel aspect ratio
The outfile may be "-", meaning stdout. Output format is yuv4mpeg, as used by MPlayer, FFmpeg, Libav, x264, mjpegtools. Huffyuv output requires ffmpeg, and probably doesn't work in Wine.




Version      Date            Changes
v0.24bm3 09/04/2014 - BugMaster's mod 3 - new options: -depth specify input bit depth (default 8), >8 expects AviSynth 16-bit hack input video -fps overwrite input framerate -par specify pixel aspect ratio - new supported value AUTO for -csp option which will try to detect input colorspace or convert to I420
v0.24bm2 09/20/2011 - BugMaster's mod 2 - merge 2 changes by Oka Motofumi (aka Chikuzen): - added 128 KB file buffering for speed up - use ffmpeg for huffyuv encoding instead of mencoder - added support for interlaced avs sources (it must be field-based instead of frame-based) - new option: -csp i420/i422/i444 for support of I422/I444 colorspaces output (AviSynth 2.6+ is required)
v0.24bm1 07/07/2011 - BugMaster's mod - replaced AviSynth C++ interface with C interface - compiles with GCC instead of MSVS - added call of 'Distributor' for multi-threaded scripts - calls avs_delete_script_environment at the end of work
v0.24 03/04/2005 - new option: -raw outputs raw I420 (omits yuv4mpeg headers)
v0.23 01/26/2005 - new option: -slave takes a list of frames to decode
v0.22 11/25/2004 - fixed a bug when -frames comes before -seek on the command line
v0.21 11/22/2004 - write to multiple output streams
- huffyuv preset (doesn't work under wine)
v0.20 11/22/2004 - prints avisynth error messages instead of crashing - no longer requires avisynth_c.dll
v0.13 11/10/2004 - binmode stdout again
v0.12 11/09/2004 - reduced memory footprint - no longer requires that avisynth be installed; merely having the dlls is enough - fixed a possible crash on exit
v0.11 10/31/2004 - binmode stdout (may or may not fix some piping problems)
v0.1 10/14/2004 - initial release

External Links

  • GitHub - Avs2YUV v0.24bm3 source code repository.
  • komisar.gin.by - BugMaster's mod 1 and 2 downloads.
  • akuvian.org - Avs2YUV original homapage (includes old versions).
  • GitHub - Avs2YUV with some additional changes (0.26a DJATOM's mod (2014-8-26).

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