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Author Kurtnoise
Version v0.5
Download avs4x265-0.5.7z
Category Utilities
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread



A simple AviSynth pipe tool for x265. It's based on avs4x264 with some enhancements from avs4x264mod.


** If you're using AviSynth 2.5.8, YV12 will be the only colorspace supported.


avs4x265 - a simple AviSynth pipe tool for x265
Version: 0.5.0, built on Jun  6 2014, 08:45:06
Usage: avs4x265 [avs4x265 options] [x265 options] <input.avs>
Options: -P, --x265-binary <file> User defined x265 binary path. [Default="x265"] --seek-mode <string> Set seek mode when using --seek. [Default="fast"] - fast: Skip process of frames before seek number as x265 does if no --qpfile specified; otherwise freeze frames before seek number to skip process, but keep frame number as-is. ( x265 treats qpfile as timecodes/qpfile of input video, not output video ) Normally safe enough for randomly seekable AviSynth scripts. May break scripts which can only be linearly seeked, such as TDecimate(mode=3) - safe: Process and deliver every frame to x265. Should give accurate result with every AviSynth script. Significantly slower when the process is heavy.




Version      Date            Changes
v0.5 06/06/2014 - display full x265 command line used to stdout
v0.4 06/05/2014 - added some enhancements mentioned by Reel.Deel in this post.
v0.3 06/03/2014 - replaced the old avisynth_c.h header file by the new one provided in FFmpeg in order to take account the new colorspaces. Thanks to qyot27
v0.2 10/26/2013 - added a switch to specify the x265 binary to use.
v0.1 10/26/2013 - initial release

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v0.5 avs4x265-0.5.7z avs4x265-0.5.7z
v0.4 avs4x265-0.4.7z avs4x265-0.4.7z
v0.3 avs4x265-0.3.7z avs4x265-0.3.7z
v0.2 avs4x265-0.2.7z avs4x265-0.2.7z
v0.1 avs4x265-0.1.7z avs4x265-0.1.7z

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