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Author Gavino & mikeytown2
Version v0.26
Category Levels and Chroma
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread


[edit] Description

Avisynth plugin to mimic the Gimp's Color Balance tool.

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

ColorBalance (clip, float "rs", float "gs", float "bs", float "rm", float "gm", float "bm", float "rh", float "gh", float "bh", bool "keep_luma", bool "clone_gimp", bool "highcolor")

clip   =
Input clip.

float  rs = 0.0
float  gs = 0.0
float  bs = 0.0
Red, Green, and Blue shadows.
Range: -100.0 to 100.0

float  rm = 0.0
float  gm = 0.0
float  bm = 0.0
Red, Green, and Blue midtones.
Range: -100.0 to 100.0

float  rh = 0.0
float  gh = 0.0
float  bh = 0.0
Red, Green, and Blue highlights.
Range: -100.0 to 100.0

bool  keep_luma = true
keep_luma corresponds to Gimp's 'Preserve Luminosity'.
This option ensures that the brightness is maintained. The value of the brightest pixels are not changed.

bool  clone_gimp = true
If set to false, ColorBalance will behave like CinePaint.

bool  highcolor = false
Do not use! Was meant to do internally process at 16-bit but was never finished.

[edit] Examples


[edit] Changelog

v0.1 (Gavino, 26th August 2008):
  - initial code based on Gimp

v0.2 (Mikeytown2, 27th August 2008):
 - Added preserve luminosity from Gimp & got rid of all warnings in MS VC++ 2005

v0.21 (Mikeytown2, 27th August 2008):
 - Code Cleanup (tidy & logic(min,max)); Got rid of all if's from loops; Gimp support functions not in the ColorBalance class.

v0.22 (Mikeytown2, 28th August 2008):
 - Bug with rounding in preserve_luminosity code, casts to int for now, avoiding pixels with color blowout.

v0.23 (Mikeytown2, 28th August 2008):
 - More speed, doubles are now floats

v0.24 (Mikeytown2, 28th August 2008):
 - scaled preserve_luminosity code by 64 (256*64=16384; 360*64=23040)
 - changed (float) to f; thanks for the tip IanB!

v0.25 (Mikeytown2, 4th September 2008):
 - added in broken 16bit code
 - added an option to switch between gimp's and cinepaint's behavior.

v0.26 (Mikeytown2, 5th September 2008):
 - fixed error with clone_gimp's default value - Thanks Gavino

[edit] Archived Downloads

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v0.26 /// Mirror 2

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