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Author Reel.Deal
Version v1.0.0
Download ddcr.avsi
Category Rainbow & Dot Crawl Removal


[edit] Description

A purely spatial dot crawl removal script for AviSynth+. Only the luma channel is processed, chroma is simply copied. DDCR stands for Didée's Dot Crawl Remover. Modified from here.

[edit] Requirements

  • [x86/x64] AviSynth+ v3.7.2 or greater
  • Supported color formats: all 8-bit Y/YUV colorspaces

[edit] Required Plugins

Latest versions of the following filters are recommended unless stated otherwise.

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

DDCR (clip input, int "mode", float_array "frfun7_params")

clip  c =
Input clip; all 8 bit Y/YUV colorspaces are supported. Progressive input only.

int  mode = 1
Processing mode:
  • 1 : post IVTC
  • 2 : post deinterlacing
Filter should be used right after IVTC or deinterlacing.
With truly interlaced content, QTGMC does a good job at removing most of the dot crawl, mode 2 helps remove the remaining dot crawl.

float_array  frfun7_params = [1.01, 8.0, 1, 0, 3]
frfun7 parameters, they must be given in the correct order.
  • lamda (float) : adjust the power of the local denoising.
  • T (float) : limits the max luma denoising power for edges.
  • P (int)  : 0 is faster but lower quality, 1 is slower but better quality.
  • TP1 (int)  : threshold which affects P=1.
  • R1 (int)  : first past radius; valid values are 2 or 3.
If only the first value is given, the rest will be set to their default, and so on. See frfun7 documentation for full details.

[edit] Examples

DDCR with default settings:

DDCR(mode=1, frfun7_params=[1.01, 8.0, 1, 0, 3])

[edit] Changelog

Version       Date            Changes
v1.0.0 2023/03/03 - Initial release.

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