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Author Ricardo Garcia
Version v1.0
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Category VHS Restoration
Discussion VideoHelp


[edit] Description

This filter elliminates (to a certain degree) the annoying horizontal lines that keep crawling around your VHS or Beta recorded video. The algorithm: Calculate the difference between each pixel and the pixels above and below (it's horizontal noise we're dealing with), and average large portions (resizing the clip to 16 pixels wide is more than enough) of it to detect the horizontal noise. Then check the difference with the next frame and see if it's effectively temporal noise. After it's detected, just replace each pixel in the noise for the corresponding pixel in the next frame.

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

deVCR (clip c, int threshold)

clip   =
Input clip; 8-bit YUV and RGB colorspaces accepted.

int   =

[edit] Script

function DetectVCRLines(clip c,int threshold)
  spacial_data = GeneralConvolution(ConvertToRGB(c),0,"0 -1 0 0 2 0 0 -1 0")
  bar_data = ConvertToRGB(BilinearResize(spacial_data,16,c.height))
  st_data = Overlay(bar_data,Trim(bar_data,1,0),mode = "subtract")
  st_data2 = Greyscale(Levels(st_data,threshold,10.0,threshold+1,0,255,coring = false))
  st_data3 = Greyscale(Levels(st_data2,127,10.0,128,0,255,coring = false))
  st_data4 = Overlay(st_data3,st_data3,y = -1, mode = "add")
  return PointResize(st_data4,c.width,c.height)

function deVCR(clip c,int threshold)
  mybars = DetectVCRLines(c,threshold)
  return Overlay(c,Trim(c,1,0), mask = mybars,greymask = true)  

[edit] Examples

Usage example:

myclip = AVISource("vcr.avi")
fixedclip = deVCR(myclip,30)
StackHorizontal(myclip,fixedclip,Overlay(myclip,fixedclip,mode = "subtract"))

Here is a result of the filter (original, filtered, diff):


[edit] External Links

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