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Author John Doe
Version 1.0
Download DeblockPP7_Avisynth_2_5.rar
Category Deblocker
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread


[edit] Description

A port of the MPlayer PP7 deblocking filter. Postprocessing filter 7 is variant of the spp filter, similar to spp=6 with 7 point DCT, where only the center sample is used after IDCT.

  • For AviSynth+ see vsDeblockPP7, it includes high bit depth colorspace support and 64-bit.

[edit] Requirements

  • Width and height need to be Mod 8.

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

DeblockPP7 (clip, int "qp", string "mode", bool "mmx")

clip   =
Input clip.

int  qp = 5
Force a constant quantization parameter. It accepts an integer in range 0 to 63.

string  mode = "medium"
Set thresholding mode. Available modes are:
  • "soft" : set soft thresholding (better de-ringing effect, but likely blurrier).
  • "medium" : set medium thresholding (good results, default).
  • "hard" : set hard thresholding.

bool  mmx = true
Set to false to disable MMX optimizations.

[edit] Examples

DeblockPP7 with default settings:

DeblockPP7(qp=5, mode="medium", mmx=true)

[edit] Changelog

Version      Date(Y/M/D)      Changes
v1.0 2015/08/09 - Initial release

[edit] Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v1.0 DeblockPP7_Avisynth_2_5.rar DeblockPP7_Avisynth_2_5.rar

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