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Author Didée
Version 2011-11-29
Download Deblock_QED_MT2Mod.avsi
Category Deblockers
Discussion Doom9 Thread


[edit] Description

Designed to provide 8x8 deblocking sensitive to the amount of blocking in the source, compared to other deblockers which apply a uniform deblocking across every frame.

[edit] Requirements

  • AviSynth 2.5.8 or later
  • Progressive input only
  • Supported color formats: YV12
  • Width and height need to be mod8.

[edit] Required Plugins

Latest versions of the following filters are recommended unless stated otherwise.

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

DeBlock_QED (clip clp, int "quant1", int "quant2", int "aOff1", int "bOff1", int "aOff2", int "bOff2", int "uv")

clip  clp =
Input clip.

int  quant1 = 24
Strength of block edge deblocking.
int  quant2 = 26
Strength of block internal deblocking.

int  aOff1 = 1
Halfway "sensitivity" and halfway a strength modifier for borders.
int  aOff2 = 1
Halfway "sensitivity" and halfway a strength modifier for block interiors.

int  bOff1 = 2
"Sensitivity to detect blocking" for borders.
int  bOff2 = 2
"Sensitivity to detect blocking" for block interiors.

  • aOff and bOff controls block detection and removal strength, for quant1 and quant2 respectively. See DeBlock for more information.

int  uv = 3
Deblock chroma:
  • 2 : Copy chroma from source.
  • 3 : Process chroma.
  • 1/-1 : Process chroma with normal/strong Deblock().

[edit] Examples

Deblock_QED with default settings:

Deblock_QED(quant1=24, quant=26, aOff1=1, aOff2=1, bOff1=2, bOff2=2, uv=3)

[edit] Changelog

 Changes 2011-11-29: (06_taro)
     - Replaced (chroma=uv>2?"process":"ignore") by (chroma=uv>2?"process":"copy") to avoid garbage clip when uv=2.
       The formal parameter is not used by MaskTools2 any more, if ever used.
       Foxyshadis once mentioned chroma="ignore" but I had never found a document containing it.
Changes 2010-10-16: (Bi11) - Replaced 'relative' with the new 'mode' parameter in mt_LutSpa(), starting from MaskTools 2.0a45 - Changed Quant and Offset defaults to 24,26,1,1,2,2 to increase effectiveness, but still within sensible limits. (Details:
Changes 2010-08-18: (Bi11) - Replaced AddBorders with PointResize - Changed Quant and Offset defaults to 18,19,3,4,1,1 to reduce blurring
Changes 2010-05-25: (Bi11) - Explicitly specified parameters of mt_LutSpa() (required due to position of new 'biased' parameter, starting from MaskTools 2.0a43) - Non mod 16 input is now padded with borders internally
Changes 2008-08-18: (Didée) - Replaced the ugly stackXXX cascade with mt_LutSpa() (requires MaskTools v2.0a35) - Changed Quant and Offset defaults to 24,28,2,4,4,8
Changes 2005-10-28: (Didée) - Initial release

[edit] External Links

  • Doom9 Forum - Discussion about the updated_Deblock_QED_MT2.
  • Doom9 Forum - Didée gives a short description of Deblock_QED and some insight on how Deblock_QED works. Also a good thread for other deblocking scripts and plugins.

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