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Author alexrayne
Version Release 4
Download dering_32_64.7z
Category Deringing & Mosquito Noise
License LGPLv2.1
Discussion Doom9 Forum


[edit] Description

This plugin removes halo\ringing occurred after sharp edges on VHS captured video.

Note: Dering is a C-plugin so it must be loaded using LoadCPlugin, except if you're using AviSynth+, it allows autoloading of C-plugins.

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

Dering (clip src, float "A", float "W", float "RelVisibleTh", float "AbsVisibleTh", int "PostFilterArea", string "PostFilter", float "Dump", int "Edges", string "PreFilter", bool "SkipAlonePeaks", bool "UseEmphasis", string "OutPlane")

clip   =
Input clip; must be YUY2 or YV12.
Input clip must be named, for example: Dering(last) or Dering(src=input).

float  A = 0.3
Ringing amplitude relative to edge size. Must be < 1.0

float  W = 3.5
Ringing frequency - distance between ringing peaks. Must be >= 1.5

float  RelVisibleTh = 0.01
Value of (ringing amplitude)/(steady signal value).
If detected amplitude < VisibleTh, this ringing area skip from correction.
Range 0.0 to 1.0

float  AbsVisibleTh = 0.005
Value of (ringing amplitude)/(full dynamic luma range = 255).
If detected amplitude < VisibleTh, this ringing area skip from correction.
Range 0.0 to 1.0

int  PostFilterArea = 1000
Limit of filtering area length on ringing.
Parameter is disabled.

string  PostFilter = "median2"
Type of smoothing post filter applied after deringing:
  • "median" - median filter y=(2*x[n]-x[n-1]-x[n+1])/2
  • "median2" - 2nd order median filter y=(2*x[n]-x[n-1]-x[n+1])/2
  • "backiir" - back direction IIR2 filter (see D parameter)

float  Dump = 0.3
Dumping of PostFilter.
Parameter is disabled.

int  Edges = 0
Which polarity of edges to process: 0 - both, <0 - falling only, >0 rising only.
Parameter is disabled.

string  PreFilter = "FIR2"
Type of main deringer filter:
  • "FIR2" - ordinary fir2 filter
  • "deltaFIR" - compensator by pre-rendered ringing G-respondents
  • Any other name uses FIR2 on resampled x2 inputs

bool  SkipAlonePeaks = true
Alone peaks can be lost unfiltered if true, or filter as usual peak if false.

bool  UseEmphasis = false
If true, it tries to enhance the front edge when the deltaFIR filter is used.
Parameter is disabled.

string  OutPlane = "filtered"
Type of output:
  • "filtered" - filtered image
  • "AllPeaks" - detected peaks in input image
  • "Peaks" - peaks in image selected for filtering
Parameter is disabled.

[edit] Examples

Dering with default settings:

Dering(last, A=0.3, W=3.5, RelVisibleTh=0.01, AbsVisibleTh=0.005, \
       PostFilter="median2", PreFilter="FIR2", SkipAlonePeaks=true)

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