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Author tritical, cretindesalpes, Elegant, pinterf
Version v0.9.2.3
Download EEDI3_v0.
Category Deinterlacing
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread, Update


[edit] Description

eedi3 (enhanced edge directed interpolation 3) works by finding the best non-decreasing (non-crossing) warping between two lines by minimizing a cost functional. The cost is based on neighborhood similarity (favor connecting regions that look similar), the vertical difference created by the interpolated values (favor small differences), the interpolation directions (favor short connections vs long), and the change in interpolation direction from pixel to pixel (favor small changes). eedi3 doesn't really have anything to do with eedi2 aside from doing edge-directed interpolation (they use different techniques).

[edit] Requirements

*** vcredist_x86.exe is required for eedi3-x86
*** vcredist_x64.exe is required for eedi3-x64

[edit] Filters

Filter Description Color format


RGB24, YUY2, YV12, Y8, YV16, YV24

Upscale image by the power of 2.

RGB24, YUY2, YV12, Y8, YV16, YV24

[edit] Changelog

Version       Date             Changes
v0.9.2.3 03/23/2018 - Allow Y8, YV16 and YV24 colorspaces
v0.9.2.2 03/23/2018 - Moved to Visual Studio 2017 - Removed external asm files (integrated/replaced with intrinsics) - Update Avisynth headers - fix YUY2 x64 artifacts -
v0.9.2.1 07/29/2015 - Changes by Elegant - Switched to AVS 2.6 API - Added x64 support - Updated some variable types for clarity
v0.9.2 11/11/2013 - Changes by cretindesalpes - SSE/SSE2 optimizations, giving a nice 4× speedup. - Added an optional mask to process only the specified parts. It’s helpful when EEDI3 is used as an anti-aliasing processor on cartoon-like materials. Additional 1.2×–2× speedup, depending on the source. - I fixed a typo in the original code too, but I don’t know if it has any visible effect. - Be sure to have Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 installed (needed for vcomp11.dll).
v0.9.1 07/23/2010 - fix field=0/1 flipped with RGB24 input - fix possible reading off the edge of a frame with cost3=true

[edit] Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v0.9.2.1 EEDI3_v0_9_2_1.7z EEDI3_v0_9_2_1.7z

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