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Author 06_taro
Version v0.4
Download f3kgrain_v0.4.avsi
Category Effects
Discussion NMM-HD Thread - [Chinese]


[edit] Description

Another 8/16-bit luma adaptive grain generator.

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Required Plugins

Latest version of the following plugins are recommended unless stated otherwise.

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

f3kgrain (clip input, int "luma", int "chroma", int "mode", int "temp", int "adapt", float "sigma", bool "lsb")

clip  input =
Input clip.

int  luma = 64
Luma grain strength; 0 disables processing, 4096 is the maximum value (heavy grain!).

int  chroma = 64
Chroma grain strength; 0 disables processing, 4096 is the maximum value (heavy and colorful grain!).

int  mode = 1
random_algo_grain mode:
  • 0 - old algorithm,
  • 1 - uniform distribution,
  • 2 - Gaussian(normal) distribution.

int  temp = 50
Temporal stabilization for grain (the higher, the more calm).
Range: 0 to 100
  • 0 = nervous
  • 50 = default (half and half)
  • 100 = static

int  adapt = 64
Brightness threshold for adaptive grain mask.
Range: -1 to 255
  • -1 = off
  • 0 = input
  • 64 = default
  • 255 = invert
The higher, the less grain in dark areas & the more grain in bright areas.

float  sigma = 1.0
Standard deviation of Gaussian distribution mode.

bool  lsb =
Is the input clip normal 8-bit or stacked 16-bit? If lsb=true output clip will be stacked 16-bit.
By default the input clip's width is divided by the height, if is greater than 1.2 then it's set to false otherwise is set to true.

[edit] Examples

f3kgrain with default settings:

f3kgrain(luma=64, chroma=64,mode=1, temp=50, adapt=64, sigma=1.0)

[edit] Changelog

Version      Date            Changes
v0.4 2012-05-21 - Add support for 8-bit YV16/YV24 - Add support for setting sigma(standard deviation) of Gaussian distribution v0.3 2012-04-06 - Add support for 16-bit input and output, need dither.dll v1.15.0 or newer v0.2 2012-03-14 - Synchronize argument names with parameter names of f3kdb v1.5.0 v0.1 2012-03-02 - First release

[edit] Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v0.4 f3kgrain_v0.4.avsi f3kgrain_v0.4.avsi
v0.2 f3kgrain_v0.2.avsi f3kgrain_v0.2.avsi

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