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Author Milan Cutka
Version 2012.03.28
Download sourceforge.net/ffdshow-tryout (plugin is included in ffdshow package)
Category Plugins
License GPLv2
Discussion doom9.org

[edit] Description

A plugin which lets you directly use ffdshow video and audio filters from AviSynth scripts.

Just install ffdshow (with Avisynth support option checked), and the plugin ffavisynth.dll will be installed in your avisynth plugin folder.

In ffdshow-20051124.exe and more recent versions, ffavisynth filter uses the AviSynth C interface, and thus should be loaded using LoadCPlugin (or Load_StdCall_Plugin). Since 2007-10-30 ffavisynth.dll is loaded automatically by AviSynth (with ffavisynth.avsi).

YV12, YUY2, and RGB colorspaces are supported. Input and output colorspaces are equal. Even if ffdshow image processing filter chain would produce image with different colorspace, it will be converted to match that on input.

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

video: ffdshow(clip, string "preset", string "options")

audio: ffdshowAudio(clip, string "preset", string "options")

clip   =
Input clip.
string  preset =
existing ffdshow preset to be used.
string  options =
array of "name=value" pairs separated by commas (without spaces for revisions older 2007-10-30).

Both parameters are optional. If preset is not specified, a new preset called "ffavisynth" is created temporarily. Options override preset settings. List of allowed options names and values should be documented once, but for now look at registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GNU\ffdshow\default to get the list.

[edit] Examples:

Use the current ffdshow settings:


Or create a new preset by hitting the new button (under 'Image settings'), rename it by clicking twice on "default 1" or what the new one is named and change its settings to your liking, then use

ffdshow("<name of your new preset>")

Try to append this:


to your script. If it would work, the effect should be very visible.

Another example using a created preset:

# denoise is a created preset:

and you can combine both

ffdshow(preset="denoise", options="isLevels=1,levelsMode=0,levelsGamma=1500")

which will load preset, modify given values and process video.

Adapted from ffavisynth.htm

$Date: 2007/11/21 18:02:03 $

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