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AvsSocket Proxy, derivated from avs2yuv by Loren Merritt Loading Avisynth.dll Avisynth.dll loaded Env created Importing..

Avisynth error: Script error: there is no function named "AVCSource" (C:\Users\Cris\AppData\Local\Temp\dgindex_6663c9d5.avs, line 1) Initializing WinSock WinSock ok Socket bound to port 9999 Waiting for client to connect...

> Exit Code: 1

It seems to me that you need to install: DGAVCDec: http://neuron2.net/dgavcdec/dgavcdec.html
If you still have problems please drop a post at the AviSynth section in http://forum.gleitz.info/ (german board). Wilbert 15:50, 5 May 2009 (UTC)
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