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The "Writing Avisynth plugins" article was written by Ben Rudiak-Gould (Avisynth creator). It was taken from AviSynth 1.0 documentation as it was (year 2000) at (Ben's home page). The current (November 2006) mirror is at

Preliminary version of AviSynth 2.0-2.5 FilterSDK documentation has been created at 2003 as a section of AviSynth online (wiki) documentation at the official AviSynth site (maintained by Richard Berg).


  • Klaus Post ('sh0dan'):
AviSynthTwoFiveAudio, AviSynthTwoFivePixelType, AviSynthTwoFiveSDK, ChangeFrameSize, ColorSpaces, DataAlignment, DataStorageInAviSynth, EnvInvoke, EnvSaveString, SimpleMmxOptimization, TwoFiveInvert, TwoFiveFastInvert and some other wiki pages.
  • Wilbert Dijkhof ('Wilbert'):
CompilingAvisynth and some other wiki pages.


  • Simon Walters ('SiWalters'):
SimpleSample 1.0 to 1.7 wiki pages.
  • 'trevlac':
SimpleSampleClass wiki page.
  • Avery Lee ('phaeron'):
Some texts in AssemblerOptimizing wiki pages, "as freely available for any use".

Thanks to other Avisynth community people for wiki pages improving/correction!

The package of off-line (HTML) AviSynth external FilterSDK documentation version 2.5.7 was created at 2006 at CVS for distribution with AviSynth v2.5.7 installation.

Most documents were converted from wiki pages (some modified/updated). Some new documents are added too.


  • Alexander Balakhnin ('Fizick'):
SDKNecessaries, SDKLicense, SDKHistory, wiki pages converting/editing.

FilterSDK documentation has been reposted to the new Avisynth mediawiki in 2007.

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