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Author Foxyshadis, MOmonster
Version 0.9
Category Deblenders
Discussion Doom9 Thread


[edit] Description

FixBlendIVTC is a function to restore blend-deinterlaced telecined footage with double blends and 50:50 blend weights.
Note: Decimate (from Decomb) is the only function guaranteed not to mess up this filter, unless you follow the filter with RequestLinear from TIVTC.

[edit] Requirements

  • AviSynth 2.5.8 or later
  • Supported color formats: YV12

[edit] Required Plugins

Latest versions of the following filters are recommended unless stated otherwise.

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

FixBlendIVTC (clip input, "post", float "bthresh", "mthresh", bool "sbd", clip "dclip")

input clip =
Input clip.

post int (0-6, default 2)
Postprocessing strength: Post=0 is the fastest, post=5 is the best for bad quality and the slowest postprocessing mode.
  • 0 - No postprocessing
  • 1 - 0 + chromablur
  • 2 - Diffmasked pp (sharp and good for hq sources) - default
  • 3 - 2 + chromablur
  • 4 - Blurmasked restoring (more soften than 2, but sometimes less artefacts)
  • 5 - Combines post 2 and 4 but without chroma.
  • 6 - 5 + extra chroma (slowest).
If these postprocessing modes aren't strong or individual enough for you you can also use your own favorite filter on the restored frames. Therefore set a string with the filter(s) of your choice. Use pp0 till pp6 for the postprocessing mode and add your filter like this:
If you want to use a filter with input-strings use three quotation marks like in the second example.

bthresh float (0.0-2.0, default 0.1)
The blend-threshold can be used to make the blend-detection less aggressive if there are some wrong detections.

mthresh float (0.0-1.0, default 0.1)
The motion threshold for the function. If the frame-difference is smaller than mthresh the function don't trust the blend-detection and does nothing. This helps decimating and can avoid side-effects. Sbd enables already some kind of mthresholding, but the 12 fps detection works with really low thresholds.

sbd bool = false
Single-Blend-Detection, it's a bool parameter you should set true for 12fps sources (anime/cartoons).

dclip clip = input
This clip is used for the blend-detection and won´t be returned, so that you can preprocess for blend-detection without affecting the output. A light blurring or temporal stabilizing can be really useful sometimes, especially in a source with many artifacts, but normally this feature shouldn't be used.
Note: The blend-detection-differencing is also used for post 4 and 5. So a too strong preprocessing could maybe have a bad effect on the postprocessing, but I wasn't able too produce such cases till now. Indeed sometimes this seems to be just better for the postprocessing.

[edit] Examples


[edit] Changelog


v.1 - v.3:
Required manual offsets. v.1 had broken reversal.
Conditional, effective but very slow.


Much faster, better detection & single-blend detection.
Changed parameters again, better motion mask/influence.
Sped up significantly, also more accurate single-blend.
Modified for less artifacts, more post-processing choices, bthresh.

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