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  • Basic and fast FILM <-> PAL conversions:
  • Waka demonstrated an IVTCBlend function that uses the information in the "extra" fields of a telecined source to help combat temporal noise. See discussion at doom9 forum for details.
  • Convert60iTo24p converts a 60fps interlaced NTSC Video into a 24fps progressive Video using different blending techniques.
  • Restore24 is an AviSynth filter created by Didée, that is able to do the nearly impossible: Restore 24fps FILM out of a field-blended material.
  • mvfpsflowscd, mvfpsscd, MVFlowBlur: [1], [2].
  • Other stuff:
  • bob and preservation of fields: [3].
  • very good bob: [4], [5] (comparison).
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