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Author V.C.Mohan
Download 2.5.8 versionGBlur 2.6.0 alpha5 version URL -->GBlur
Category External filters
License GPLv2
Discussion Announced GBlur as GaussBlur plugin



Gaussian blurring by a separable kernel is done, and is useful in gentle cleaning or preprocess for certain other filters and a full description is at click me.


* Not available in AviSynth 2.5.8.


Syntax and Parameters

GBlur(clip, int "size", float "sd", bool "u ",bool v")

clip   =
Input clip.

size  int = 3
odd number from 3 to 11. size X size blurring results .

sd  float = 1.5
Greater than 0. Standard deviation determines weightage of outer pixels.

u  bool = false
in case of YUY2 or Planar u plane also to be cleaned .

v  bool = false
in case of YUY2 or Planar v plane also to be cleaned . .


## This is some example code to blur  an image.
imagereader("C:\avi_plugins\varianslim\theoin.jpg", end = 10)
yv = GBlur (size = 5, v = true)
yy = GBlur (size = 7)
yuv = GBlur (size = 3, u = true, v = true)

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