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Author V.C.Mohan
Download 2.5.8 versionGrid 2.6.0 alpha5 version URL -->Grid
Category External filters
License GPLv2
Discussion Announced Grid plugin



As certain filters require specification of window or points on a frame with x and y coordinates, this plugin overlays a grid on image to enable correct values to be specified and a full description is at click me.


* Not available in AviSynth 2.5.8.


Syntax and Parameters

Grid(clip, int "sf", int "ef", int "lineint ",int bold",int vbold",int color",int bcolor",int vbcolor",bool grid",bool axis")

clip   =
Input clip.

sf  int = 0
starting frame number on which grid is to be displayed .

ef  int = last frame of clip
ending frame number on which grid is to be displayed

lineint  int = 10
grid line interval in pixels. 4 to 1/4th of frame smaller dimension .

bold  int = 5
every bold numbered grid line to appear bold . .

vbold  int = 2
every vbold numbered bold line to appear very bold .

color  int = 0
grid line color in RRGGBB format .

bcolor  int = color
every bold grid line to appear in this color RRGGBB format .

vbold  int = color
every vbold line to appear with this color, RRGGBB format .

grid  bool = true
are grid lines to be displayed? both grid and axis should not be false .

axis  int = false
Whether axis rulers to be displayed? Both axis and grid should not be false .


## This is some example code to blur  an image.
imagereader("C:\..........jpg", end = 10)
# Grid rulers display
Grid( color = $ff, bcolor = $ff00, vbcolor = $ff0000, lineint = 10)
# Axis lines in color
Grid(grid = false, axis = true, color=$ff)
# grid lines in black

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