HOWTO: AviSynth video processing with WINE

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[edit] Running AviSynth under Ubuntu/linux via WINE

[edit] 32-bit AviSynth On 64-bit Debian Jessie Linux via WINE

[edit] Running AviSynth and VirtualDub under Mac OS X via WINE

(I'm translating from the italian version of POM, sorry if it's inaccurate!)

  1. Download PlayOnMac and install as usual
  2. Download Avisynth, Virtualdub, some codecs and plugins
  3. Run PLayOnMac, select "Install" and chose "Install an application not included in the list"
  4. Choose "Install the application in a new virtual drive" (prefix) and press next
  5. Give it a name (I choose "Multimedia") and press next
  6. Select "Install some library" and press next
  7. Select "POL_Install_vcrun6" and press next (very important to make AviSynth work!)
  8. At the end of the installation of the selected libraries, Select "Explorer" and select the AviSynth Installer you downloaded, then press next
  9. Install AviSynth as normal
  10. At the end of the installation choose "I don't want to create any link" and press next
  11. In Finder, extract Virtualdub and place the folder in /User/your_username/PlayOnMac's virtual drives/your_drive_name/drive_c/Program Files
  12. In PlayOnMac, select the "Configure" button and choose the virtual drive you just created from the list on the left
  13. Under "General" select "Create a new link for this virtual drive
  14. On the list, Select "VirtualDub.exe" and press next
  15. Give the shortcut a name and press next
  16. Choose "I don't want to create any link" and press next
  17. You're almost done! You will see an app on the desktop, from wich you can start virtualdub bypassing the PlayOnMac GUI
  18. Now you can install plugins and codecs
    • For AviSynth and Virtualdub plugins, simply copy the required files in the respective folders
    • For Codecs that have an installer, in the PlayOnMac Configuration window select the "Misc" tab and press "Execute an .exe in this virtual drive", then Select the installer and Choose Open
    • For Codecs that have only the dll and inf file, in the PlayOnMac Configuration window select the "Misc" tab and press "Open a shell". Cd to the folder of the downloaded codec and type
   wine rundll32 setupapi.dll,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 128 ./filename.inf

Note: Some plugin may not work or require other libraries to work. chances are that you can use the "Install packages" tab In the PlayOnMac Configuration window to fix issues.

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