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Author V.C.Mohan
Version 17 Oct 2017
Download modPlus.7z
Category External filters
License GPLv2
Discussion HistogramAdjust plugin



This function, formerly named HistogramAdjust but now named TweakHist, adjusts the histogram of a frame by either equalizing it or by matching with histogram of another image, or with given histogram table of values. Full Description


  • AviSynth+ r2347 or greater
  • Source video: Progressive

Syntax and Parameters

TweakHist(clip, int type, clip mclip, int mf, int limit, int rgb )

clip   =
Input clip.

  int =
Luma value % of maximum.

  clip =
% age of population or cumulative population at this luma value

type  int = 1
Type of process

mclip  clip = dummy clip
Clip in which image for matching is available.

0  mf =
Frame number on clip for matching.

limit  int = 100
Limit on % of change in value from original for tweaking allowed.

rgb  int = 1
Percentage of deviation from original value of luma to be allowed.


TweakHist(c,15,2, 30,12, 50, 33, 90, 12,150,35,200,10, type=3,limit=50)
TweakHist(20,1,150,100,255,110, type=4,limit = 70) 
RGB input. Repeated for each color
TweakHist(limit = 70,rgb = 0)
TweakHist(limit = 70,rgb = 1)
TweakHist(limit = 50, rgb = 2)

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