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Author V.C.Mohan
Download 2.5.8 versionHistogramAdjust 2.6.0 alpha5 version URL -->HistogramAdjust
Category External filters
License GPLv2
Discussion HistogramAdjust plugin



H and a full description is at click me.


* Not available in AviSynth 2.5.8.


Syntax and Parameters

HistogramAdjust(clip, int array "", string "type", bool "table ",clip mclip",int mf",bool window",int w",int h",int limit")

clip   =
Input clip.

  int array =
table of luma and population pairs in case table is true .

type  string = "equal"
"equal" or "match"

table  bool = false
Whether table of values are specified for matching Histogram.

mclip  clip = clip
Clip with which input clip histogram is to be matched .

mf  int = 0
frame number of mclip with which clip histogram is to be matched .

window  bool = false
Whether windowed equalization is to be done .

w  int = frame width/4
If window is true, width of window (odd number) to be used.

h  int = frame height/4
If window is true, height of window (odd number) to be used.

limit  int = 100
percentage of deviation from original value of luma to be allowed .


## This is some example code to blur  an image.
imagereader("C:\..........jpg", end = 10)
a = avisource("C;\..........avi").converttoYUY2()
# HistogramAdjust matching with given table
m1=HistogramAdjust(1,250,100,570,200,0,type="match",table=true, window=false,w=259,h=255)
# matching with an image on a frame of another clip
h2 = HistogramAdjust(type="match",table=false, mclip=a ,mf=1)
# Histogram equalization
# equalization with limit
h1 = HistogramAdjust( limit = 80)

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