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Author cretindesalpes
Version v1.1
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Category IVTC & Decimation
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Forum


[edit] Description

ivtc_txt60mc deinterlaces 60i credits on the top of a 24 fps telecined footage. It virtually oversamples the video to 120 fps with motion interpolation on credits only, and decimates to 24 fps. It has the advantage of avoiding footage frames interpolation, leaving them very clean, whatever the motion they contain. However, the drawback is that it requires to manually measure the origin of the 3:2 pulldown pattern (and split the clip in parts if it changes).

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

ivtc_txt60mc (clip src, int frame_ref, bool "srcbob", bool "draft")

clip   =
The src parameter is a 30 fps interlaced clip.

int  fps = 24
The frame_ref parameter indicates on which frame begins the 3:2 pattern (first frame number of a clean-combed-combed-clean-clean sequence).

bool  srcbob = false

bool  draft = false

[edit] Examples

Add SetMemoryMax (1500) at the beginning of your script if you are processing HD content.

SetMemoryMax (1500)

MPEG2Source ("video1440x1080.d2v")
Trim (40000, 42999)
ivtc_txt60mc (2)

[edit] Changelog

Version      Date            Changes
v1.1 2011/05/09 - Added srcbob and draft parameters v1.0 2010/12/13 - Initial release

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