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Inpand (clip)
Expand (clip)
Deflate (clip)
Inflate (clip)

Plugin: MaskTools

These filters allow to enlarge / reduce a mask:

  • Expand will replace the value of a pixel by the highest surrounding value.
  • Inpand will on the contrary replace it by the lowest surrounding value.
  • Inflate will compute the mean of the surrounding pixels, and will replace the value of the pixel by it only if this mean is superior to the original value of the pixel.
  • Deflate will do the same only if the mean is inferior to the original value.

The picture returned by Expand / Inflate will always be higher than the original picture. On the contrary, the one returned by Inpand / Deflate will always be lower.

The enlarging / reducing produced by Deflate / Inflate is softer than the one of Expand / Inpand.

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