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FitPlane (clip[, string "resizer"])

Plugin: MaskTools

FitPlane has the following incarnations (note that you cannot call it directly; only through the specific filters below):

  • luma to chroma: FitY2U, FitY2V, FitY2UV
  • chroma to luma: FitU2Y, FitV2Y
  • chroma to chroma: FitU2V, FitV2U

You can by this mean propagate a mask created on a particular plane to another plane.

The resizer optional parameter selects for the first five versions (luma-to-chroma and chroma-to-luma) the resizer that will be used internally by the filter to map the planes. The acceptable values are:

  • Ommited (Default): Uses the appropriate for the operation internal MaskTools' SSE/MMX resizer.
  • "bilinear": Uses AviSynth's BilinearResize resizer.
  • "reduce": Uses AviSynth's ReduceBy2 filter. If such an operation cannot be performed due to the relative sizes of the planes, it will be silently changed to "bilinear" by FilterPlane.
  • "bicubic": Uses AviSynth's BicubicResize resizer.
  • "lanczos": Uses AviSynth's LanczosResize resizer.
  • "point": Uses AviSynth's PointResize resizer.

Note: chroma-to-chroma plane operations do not support the use of the resizer parameter. They always use the internal MaskTools' resizer.

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