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YV12Convolution (clip[, string "horizontal"[, string "vertical"[, int "total"[, bool "automatic"[, bool "saturate"]]]]])

Plugin: MaskTools

This filter computes the convolution product between the picture and the kernel defined by the multiplication of horizontal by vertical. These two strings represent vectors. They must have an odd number of integer or real numbers, separated by single spaces.

total is a normalization factor, by which the result of the product is divided. If automatic is set to 'true', total is the sum of the coefficients of the matrix. It means that, that way, overall brightness of the picture isn't touched.

saturate allows to choose the behavior of the filter when the result is a negative number:

  • saturate = true : negative values are zeroed.
  • saturate = false : negative values are inverted.

If total is not defined, it is set to the sum of the coefficients of the convolution kernel, thus allowing a good normalization for bluring / sharpening kernels.

If one of the coefficients of horizontal or vertical is a real number, all the computations will be made with floats, so the filter will be slower.

Defaults are: horizontal = "1 1 1", vertical = "1 1 1", automatic = false, saturate = true.

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