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Author tsp
Version 0.84
Category Blurring
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread


[edit] Description

A plugin with 5 different types of median blur filters.

[edit] Requirements

  • AviSynth 2.5.8 or later
  • Progressive input only
  • Supported color formats: YV12

[edit] Filters

Filter Description Color format

A spatial median blur filter with a variable radius.


A binary median blur filter. It will take advantage of integer SSE if present.


A centerweighted median blur filter with a variable radius.


A temporal-spatial median blur filter with optional motion compensation using Manaos MVTools.


ML3Dex means Extended Multi Level 3Dimensional filtering.
This filter should cause less artifact compared to MedianBlurT while removing the same amount of noise.


[edit] Common Parameters

int  radiusy = 2
int  radiusu = 2
int  radiusv = 2

Specify the radius to use:
  • If the supplied radius is between -1 and -255 the plane is set to -radius.
  • If the the radius is 0 the plane is copied unaltered.
  • If the radius is less than -255 the plane isn't processed at all.
  • Default is 2.

bool  calcborder = true

  • If true (default) the borders of the frame is filtered too.
  • If false then the border is copied from the source clip.

[edit] Changelog

Version      Date            Changes
0.84 03/19/2005 - Added the option searchparam, bsfull, and spfull to ML3Dex and MedianBlurT.
0.83 12/05/2004 - Fixed a bug that caused a memory leak with motion compensation. - Now calls MVTools with named arguments. This should increase support of different versions of MVTools.
0.82 - Fixed a bug that caused an access violation in MedianBlurT and ML3Dex.
0.81 - Bug fixes and added an option to show when MVTools detects a scene change.
0.8 - Added ML3Dex a multilevel temporal median blur filter that can use MVTools for motion compensation.
0.7 - Added support for motion compensation in MedianBlurT using manao's MVTools.
0.65 - More bugs removed. - Added assembler optimization resulting in 30-60% speed increase for MedianBlurCW, MedianBlurT and MedianBlur(for radius >3)
0.6 - Fixed a couple of bugs and added integer SSE optimization for MedianBlur for radius below 4. This results in a 85-400% speed increase.
0.5 - Added MedianBlurB and MedianBlurT.
0.4 - Added MedianBlurCW, a centerweighted median blur.
0.31 - bugfix. Should make the same output as TMedianBlur except for the borders.
0.3 - Optimized the sort algorithm even more. Also added the ability to process the borders.
0.2 - Changed the sort algorithm to radix sort resulting in a great speed improvement especially for large radii. - Also fixed a couple of bugs.
0.1 10/29/2004 - First version. Really slow and buggy. - Used a modified bubble sort to find the median causing the filter to be extremely slow with large radii.

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