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Author Nic, tebasuna51
Version v2.0.6
Category Source filters
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread, continued


[edit] Description

NicAudio is an audio source plugin for MPEG Audio/AC3/DTS/LPCM and other uncompressed formats.

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

[edit] NicAC3Source / NicDTSSource

NicAC3Source (string, int "channels", int "DRC")
NicDTSSource (string, int "channels", int "DRC")

string   =
Path to AC3 file.
int  channels = 0
Maximum number of channels to output (downmix). Default the input channels.
int  DRC = 0
Apply Dynamic Range Compression algorithm; 0 means nothing (default), 1 means normal.

[edit] NicMPG123Source

NicMPG123Source (string, bool "normalize")

string   =
Path to file.
bool  normalize = false
Apply the max gain without clip signal; default false.

[edit] NicLPCMSource / RaWavSource

NicLPCMSource (string, int "samplerate", int "samplebits", int "channels")
RaWavSource (string, int "samplerate", int "samplebits", int "channels")

string   =
Path to LPCM file.
int  samplerate = 0
Necessary for lpcm and raw files.
In RaWavSource a value < 9 means a header with valid values for SampleRate/SampleBits/Channels and now means:
  • IgnoreLength 1 force ignore the data size read in the header also in 64 bits formats.
  • 2 ignore the data size 32 bits read in the header if > 2GB. (default)
  • 4 ignore the data size 32 bits read in the header if > 4GB.
int  samplebits = 0
Necessary for lpcm and raw files. Valid values 8/16/24/32 (also 33 (32 float) for raw) (lpcm also accept 20 and -8/-16/-24/-32. Negative values are for BluRay lpcm (big-endian)).
int  channels = 0
Necessary for lpcm and raw files. Max 8 channels.

[edit] Examples

NicDTSSource("c:\File.dts", DRC=1)
NicLPCMSource("c:\File.lpcm", 48000, -24, 6)
RaWavSource("File.w64", 4)

[edit] Changelog

Version      Date(D/M/Y)      Changes
2.0.6 27/08/2012 - Tebasuna51 - ac3,dts: Solved some initialization issues with no-linear decode [1]. - lpcm,raw: Some minor improvements.
2.0.5 25/10/2011 - Tebasuna51 - dts: Accepted special stereo dts modes Lt+Rt, A+B (dual mono)...
2.0.4 12/08/2009 - Tebasuna51 - lpcm: Solved bug writing last block in some cases
2.0.3 25/06/2009 - Tebasuna51 - mpa: Skip ID3v2,3,4 initial tag to avoid false sync frames.
2.0.2 24/09/2008 - Tebasuna51[2] - mp3: Annoying message suppress. - ac3: 1MB (at least 13 sec) initial garbage assumed like delay instead reject the file. Now ac3 delayed with VirtualDub style are delayed accordingly (same behavior as standard players). - dts: Correct decode more amod+lfeon options instead automatic downmix. Support for padded dts. Core extraction in DTS HD. Seems work fine with DTS High Res. (CBR), still in beta stage with DTS Master Audio (VBR) please report any problem. - rawav: Not needed first parameter, by default assumed ignorelength if > 2GB Improved w64 support.
2.0.1 09/04/2008 - Tebasuna51 - mpg123-lib bugfix. Some message go by stdout instead stderr and corrupt the audio data output when using 'pipe' with Bepipe/Wavi.
2.0 29/02/2008 - Tebasuna51 - ac3, bugfix 'dsurmod' [3] - ac3, bugfix some 'acmod' options [4] - lpcm, bugfix if 'count' > 'Left', BluRay option, and clean code (excluded wav). - mpg123, include last (WarpEnterprises) version [5] - rawav, to support uncompressed formats. - libmad, deprecated. - all, support for files > 4 GB, vfm deprecated.
1.83 21/08/2007 - IanB, Cleaned up and derestricted LPCM code. Returns all channels to AviSynth in 16 or 24 bit integer format. Channel order as per LPCM source file.
1.82 13/08/2007 - This new version should give 24 bit output for 24 bit stereo or mono files (thanks Tebasuna51).
1.81 12/08/2007 - Adds support for 24 bit LPCM wav files and fixes a bug with wav file support (where I didn't skip the wav header).
1.7 01/09/2006 - Patch for 44.1khz AC3 by tebasuna51 + fixes for corrupt streams.
1.5 14/03/2006 - Changes by dimzon - NicRawPCMSource to read RAW PCM files. [6]
1.3 06/03/2006 - Changes by dimzon - Added DRC option and NicMPG123Source to support mp3 files (mpg123 lib)
1.2 03/03/2006 - Changes by dimzon
1.1 04/07/2005 - This now supports LPCM Wav files with 2 channel audio (but no more than two channels)[7]
1.0 30/03/2005 - Initial release[8].

[edit] Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v2.0.6 [x86]: NicAudio_206.7z (with source)


[x86]: NicAudio_206.7z / NicAudio_206.7z


v1.7 N/A
v1.1 N/A

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