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Author tritical, jpsdr
Version v0.9.4.22
Download NNEDI3_v0_9_4_22.7z
Category Deinterlacing
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread, Update



nnedi3 is an intra-field only deinterlacer. It takes in a frame, throws away one field, and then interpolates the missing pixels using only information from the kept field. It has same rate and double rate modes, and works with YV12, YUY2,and RGB24 input.
nnedi3 is also very good for enlarging images by powers of 2, and includes a function 'nnedi3_rpow2' for that purpose.

nnedi3 is nnedi2 with improved predictor neural network architecture and local neighborhood pre-processing. nnedi3 also has multiple local neighborhood size options to better handle image enlargement vs deinterlacing and give more quality vs speed options.



Filter Description Color format


RGB24, YUY2, YV12

Upscale image by the power of 2.

RGB24, YUY2, YV12


Version      Date            Changes
v0.9.4.22 30/05/2016 + Fix for MT version of AviSynth+. nnedi3 and nnedi3_rpow2 report themselves as MT_MULTI_INSTANCE if an MT version of AviSynth+ is detected, and in case it wouldn't be enough, I've add a mutex preventing several getframe running from the same instance filter for safety [1].
v0.9.4.21 04/17/2016 * Update to asmlib 3.26. + Fix XP build with VS2015.
v0.9.4.20 09/05/2015 * Minor changes, should handle negative pitch properly.
v0.9.4.19 08/26/2015 + Implement use of asmlib.
v0.9.4.18 08/25/2015 + Fix 4:1:1 chroma shift. + Modification of the memory transfer functions.
v0.9.4.17 08/11/2015 + Change the order between turnl/r and nnedi3 calls in nnedi3_rpow2 to optimize speed. + Remove memcpy_amd and use memcpy instead.
v0.9.4.16 08/10/2015 + Add csresize parameter, and chroma shift adjustment according resize is enabled by default. + Fix regression on center adjustment.
v0.9.4.15 08/09/2015 + Change default value of mpeg2 to false, and keep exact previous behavior in that case (but doesn't put back chroma shift issue ^_^).
v0.9.4.14 08/09/2015 + Add resize adjustment chroma shift in case of MPEG-2 subsampling. + Faster RGB24 mode always. + Add mpeg2 parameter.
v0.9.4.13 08/08/2015 + Correction of chroma shift once for all this time. + Faster RGB24 mode if FTurn is usable. + Fix YV411 support.
v0.9.4.12 08/06/2015 + More checks on use of FTurn. + Fix regression on YUY2 introduced in previous release.
v0.9.4.11 07/31/2015 + Correction of chroma shift value for 4:2:x color modes. + Add YV411 support.
v0.9.4.10 05/25/2015 + Integration of commits coming from VapourSynth version, thanks to Myrsloik.
v0.9.4.9 05/10/2015 + Bug correction in x64 ASM file, thanks to jackoneill and HolyWu.
v0.9.4.8 03/13/2015 + Update to last AVS+ header files.
v0.9.4.7 01/26/2014 + Little correction in YV24 and Y8 support for nnedi3_rpow2.
v0.9.4.6 01/17/2014 + Little YV16 optimization.
v0.9.4.5 01/16/2014 * Updated YV16 support for nnedi3_rpow2, now fast and direct, not tweaked by going to YUY2.
v0.9.4.4 01/15/2014 + Some few little optimizations. * Trick YV16 support in nnedi3_rpow2 by working internally in YUY2 mode to speed-up.
v0.9.4.3 01/14/2014 + Add FTurn support.
v0.9.4.2 01/13/2014 + Add Y8, YV16 and YV24 support.
v0.9.4.1 01/03/2014 + Move out all inline ASM code in external files, update code to build x64 version. + Update interface to new aviSynth 2.6 API. - AviSynth 2.5.x not supported anymore.
v0.9.4 06/10/2011 + some more optimizations + more aggressive new prescreener levels
v0.9.3 06/06/2011 + added new prescreener. Changed 'pscrn' parameter from bool to integer. + added 'etype' parameter and merged abs/squared weights into one binary
v0.9.2 09/22/2010 + clean up and release source code + speed improvements - (thanks Loren Merritt - akupenguin - for many ideas and code) int16 dot products in prescreener/predictor neural networks faster exp function approximation mean removal factored into weights lots of smaller changes + new prediction nn weights for certain nsize/nns combinations + added fapprox parameter - fixed bug with border mirroring - dropped support for sse/mmx - all asm code requires sse2. changed opt parameter accordingly.
v0.9.1 07/15/2010 + add nsize=5/6 (16x4,32x4) + add nns=0 (16 neurons). nns 0/1/2/3 from v0.9 are now 1/2/3/4. - new defaults. nnedi3: nsize=6,nns=1. nnedi3_rpow2: nns=3. - fix field=0/1 flipped with rgb24 input
v0.9 06/10/2009 + First official release - adds nns=0 (32 neurons). nns 0/1/2 from previous beta are now 1/2/3. - adds nsize=4 (8x4). - different nns/nsize defaults for nnedi3_rpow2() vs nnedi3() - change setcachehints call

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v0.9.4 nnedi3.zip nnedi3.zip
v0.9.2 nnedi3.zip N/A

The model weights for nnedi3 are stored in a binary file available at: http://bengal.missouri.edu/~kes25c/binary1.bin

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