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Author jcsston
Version v0.1
Category Audio filters
License GPLv2


[edit] Description

Audio normalizing plugin. The main difference between this plugin and the built-in normalizing plugin Normalize() is that this plugin can store the peak level value in an external file and uses a lookup table to do the actual normalizing (for speed).

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

Normalize2 (clip, string "cache_file", float "targetPeak")

clip   =
Input clip; must be 16-bit audio.

string  cache_file = "NORM"
The file to store/load peak levels, see examples.

float  targetPeak = 1.0
Set the amplitude of the loudest audio. Default = 1.0 for peaking at 0dB.

[edit] Examples

To normalize to the max level (default: 1.0).


To normalize and store/load the peak level in a file, so it only has to scan it once. If the length changes the file will be scanned again


To normalize to a level

Normalize2(cache_file="peak_level_file.norm", targetPeak=1.0) 

[edit] Changelog

Version      Date            Changes
v0.1 2003/12/15 - initial release

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