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It is for relicense process to new wiki license. List is ordered by authors. Contributions are commented by authors. Sorry for possible errors. Files history was lost. If you have more info, please correct or discuss. The list is based on RecentChanges page.


Simple Q&A. - will not be copied to new wiki

FeedBack anyuser.astec.si

Feedback French

Substantial contributions

- seems must be relicensed if copied to new wiki


bilu at forum.doom9.org

CompTest (bilu)


JLennox [at]gmail[dt]com

SubtitleMulti (JLennox)


Who is Hijra? may be anonymous

SeeTheDifference (Hijra)


Who is hoge? may be anonymous

IT.txt.en (hoge)
AntiComb (hoge)


Avery Lee. Free for any use (see Filter SDK license).

IntermediateMmxOptimization (phaeron)
IsMovntqFaster (phaeron)
GeneralPurposeToMMXRegisters (phaeron)
InstructionPairing (phaeron)


Stevi-O from forum.doom9.org

TryItAndSee (Stevie-O) (New page)
Colors (Stevie-O) (Major cleanups and clarifications)


Who is Zonk?

Crimson Editor Syntax (Zonk)


arlsair at forum.doom9.org
Now at: http://arlsair.wordpress.com
We have got a permission (to CC BY-SA 3.0) from him at August 5,2007

NanDub Deutsch . . . . Arlsair
ISSE Deutsch Arlsair
MMX Deutsch Arlsair
TheWEF Deutsch Arlsair
VobSub Deutsch Arlsair
AviUtl Deutsch Arlsair
AvisynthEditor Deutsch Arlsair
GordianKnot Deutsch Arlsair
IntegerSSE Deutsch Arlsair
DaveEL Deutsch Arlsair
DVD2SVCD Deutsch Arlsair
PeculiarBlend Deutsch Arlsair
PullDown Deutsch Arlsair
Normalize Deutsch Arlsair
ReduceBy2 Deutsch Arlsair
Reverse Deutsch Arlsair
RGBAdjust Deutsch Arlsair
MonoToStereo Deutsch Arlsair
KillAudio Deutsch Arlsair
Letterbox Deutsch Arlsair
InternenFunktionen Arlsair
Invert Deutsch Arlsair
IPCSource Deutsch Arlsair
MessageClip Deutsch Arlsair
MixAudio Deutsch Arlsair
MJPEG Deutsch Arlsair
Merge Deutsch Arlsair
Loop Deutsch Arlsair
SwapFields Deutsch Arlsair
VideoInfo Deutsch Arlsair
ShowFiveVersions Deutsch Arlsair
Select Deutsch Arlsair
Subtitle Deutsch Arlsair
Stack Deutsch Arlsair
Subtract Deutsch Arlsair
Bob Deutsch Arlsair
BensAviSynthDocs Deutsch Arlsair
Blackness Deutsch Arlsair
ConvertAudio Deutsch Arlsair
Convert Deutsch Arlsair
ConvertToMono Deutsch Arlsair
ColorYUV Deutsch Arlsair
ComplementParity Deutsch Arlsair
Animate Deutsch Arlsair
ArbeitenMitBildern Arlsair
AssumeFrameField Deutsch Arlsair
AssumeFieldFirst Deutsch Arlsair
AssemblerOptimierung Arlsair
AssumeSampleRate Deutsch Arlsair
AudioDub Deutsch Arlsair
FreezeFrame Deutsch Arlsair
FixLuminance Deutsch Arlsair
FixBrokenChromaUpsampling Deutsch Arlsair
Flip Deutsch Arlsair
GreyScale Deutsch Arlsair
DeleteFrame Deutsch Arlsair
DelayAudio Deutsch Arlsair
FilterAudio Deutsch Arlsair
EnvInvoke Deutsch Arlsair
DuplicateFrame Deutsch Arlsair
EnsureVBRMP3Sync Deutsch Arlsair
EinfacheBeispiele Arlsair
Weave Deutsch Arlsair (Fixed link)
DoubleWeave Deutsch Arlsair (typo)
ResampleAudio Deutsch Arlsair (v2.53 updates)
LoadPlugin Deutsch Arlsair
Info Deutsch Arlsair (AviSynth v2.53 Update und Redesign)
SelectEvery Deutsch Arlsair (Erweiterungen und Typos)
DoomNeunForum Arlsair
ColorBars Deutsch Arlsair (Added resolution)
BlankClip Deutsch Arlsair (Improved description)
Limiter Deutsch Arlsair (v2.53 updates)
Swap Deutsch Arlsair
GetChannel Deutsch Arlsair
HSIAdjust Deutsch Arlsair
DirectShow Deutsch Arlsair
Tone Deutsch Arlsair
Amplify Deutsch Arlsair
Histogram Deutsch Arlsair
VScrollTitle Deutsch Arlsair
Interleave Deutsch Arlsair
ChangeList Deutsch Arlsair (Typo)
FPS Deutsch Arlsair (v2.54 Update und Redesign)
SSRC Deutsch Arlsair (v2.54 Update)
SuperEQ Deutsch Arlsair
ConditionalReader Deutsch Arlsair
TimeStretch Deutsch Arlsair
Trim Deutsch Arlsair (Neuformulierung und Redesign)
Tweak Deutsch Arlsair (v2.53 Update und Redesign)
MergeChannels Deutsch Arlsair (Typo)


gzarkadas at forum.doom9.org

IntermediateTips gzarkadas (Added array creation example)
gzarkadas gzarkadas
Import gzarkadas (some clarifications and additions)
ArrayCreation F2286.f.strato-dslnet.de
BlockStatements user-0c99aov.cable.mindspring.com


hakko504 at forum.doom9.org

PrepareAudio hakko504
RipTheDVD hakko504



VScrollTitle nkotb (correct 'optional' parameters)
nkotb nkotb


stef (at) skydiver.de

Overlay Deutsch Stefan
ShowAlpha Deutsch Stefan
Dissolve Deutsch Stefan
Fade Deutsch Stefan
OpenDML Deutsch Stefan
SegmentedAviSource Deutsch Stefan
Sektion 1: ?ber AviSynth Stefan
Layer Deutsch Stefan
VirtualDub Deutsch Stefan
Splice Deutsch Stefan
AviSource Deutsch Stefan
InstallationsAnleitung Stefan
H?ufigstenGenutztenFilter Stefan
DeinErstesSkript Stefan
AviSynthAnleitungen inmproxy.inm.uni-saarland.de



Wrapper stickboy
SiWalters stickboy (Fixed URL.)
VideoInfo stickboy
BensAviSynthDocs c-24-6-32-170.client.comcast.net (modified to compile 2.5x plug-ins by default)


Si at forum.doom9.org

May contain errors SiWalters
From Original Docs SiWalters
m2v.vfp SiWalters
SimpleSample10b SiWalters
SimpleSample 1.0b SiWalters



scharfis_brain at forum.doom9.org ?



actionman133 at forum.doom9.org

Tint bri-pow-pr1.tpgi.com.au

Thomas Opheys

ZoomInFrames dialin. (added code tags)

Martin Wagener

Martin Wagener at gmx.de
mwagener at gmx.de ???

FixChromaticAberration Wb7f0.w.pppool.de (address completed)



Russian_YourFirstScript Guria

Avisynth developers team members contribution

- will be relicensed ==


Fizick posted script by sh0dan :-)

DeRainbow Fizick


SourceForgeProject richardberg
AlignedSplice richardberg
ConvertBackToYUY richardberg
ConvertToRGB richardberg
ConvertBackToYUY2 richardberg
ConvertToYUY2 richardberg
UnalignedSplice richardberg
FadeOut2 richardberg
ConvertToYUY richardberg
Image richardberg
Mask richardberg
ShowsOffLayer richardberg
SmoothDeinterlaceFunctions richardberg
IvtcBlend richardberg wolverine
EditingFunctions richardberg
LayerLoop richardberg
test richardberg
TomsBob richardberg
SimpleVDubFilters richardberg
AssemblerOptimizing richardberg


One more Richard Berg :-)

BoxCompare RichardBerg
LogicalOperators RichardBerg (clarify)
AllPages RichardBerg


PlanarImageFormat sh0dan
InternalFunctions sh0dan
SimpleMmxOptimization sh0dan
CleaningCaptures sh0dan
ConvertingAVItoMPEG sh0dan
ConvertingDVtoDVD sh0dan
ConvertingMPEG2toXVID sh0dan
ConvertingMPEG2toVCD sh0dan
AMDOptimizationGuide sh0dan
AdjustingColors sh0dan
AviSynthTwoFiveAudio sh0dan
AviSynthTwoFiveOneBugs sh0dan
AviSynthTwoFivePixelType sh0dan
AviSynthTwoFiveZeroBugs sh0dan
AviSynthTwoFiveSDK sh0dan
EnvSaveString sh0dan
InternalCache sh0dan
FilterSDK sh0dan (Spelling)
GettingStartedWithAudio sh0dan
TwoFiveFastInvert sh0dan
MoveChroma sh0dan
DataAlignment sh0dan
BenRG sh0dan
IntelOptimizationGuide sh0dan
InterlacedSmoothing sh0dan
BicubicResize sh0dan
~warpenterprises/ sh0dan (Added link.)
SelectRangeEvery sh0dan (Corrected wrong documentation and added audio)
SimpleSample 1.1 sh0dan (For some reason a page cannot start with <code>)
SimpleSample 1.2 sh0dan
SimpleSample 1.3a sh0dan
SimpleSample 1.4 sh0dan
SimpleSample 1.5a sh0dan
ConvertAudio sh0dan
ExportingSingleImage sh0dan
FilterAudio sh0dan
Invert sh0dan
SimpleSample 1.6 sh0dan
TCPDeliver cpe.atm2-0-73404.0x53599d76.abnxx10.customer.tele.dk (Added notes about usage of TCPServer.)


Wilbert Wilbert
DirectShowSource Wilbert
mfRainbow Wilbert (made a mistake when copying this script to this site, corrected now ...)
Wilbert (correction)
Wilbert (v2.53 updates)
Bob Wilbert (v2.53 updates)

foxyshadis Wilbert (comments compiling stuff ...)

VirtualDub_II Wilbert (correction)


Wilbert (question)
Import Deutsch Wilbert (removed empty space in 'add audio.avs')
Schlüsselworte Wilbert
ChangeFPS Wilbert
Histogram Wilbert (added color2 mode)
FunkyDeBlock Wilbert (added funkdeblock)
GuessParity Wilbert (added guessparity)
DeKafka Wilbert (added link to corrected dekafka)
Merge Wilbert (added Merge)
vfr-video Wilbert (adding vfr stuff)
SwapFields Wilbert (additions)
Subtitle Wilbert (additions)
SSRC Wilbert (allowed values samplerates)
AudioDub Wilbert (AudioDubEx)
Sampling Wilbert (changed links)
Subtract Wilbert (clarifications)
Resize Wilbert (corrected defaults bicubic)
ResampleAudio Wilbert (corrections)
MixAudio Wilbert (corrections)
Tone Wilbert (corrections)
ColorBars Wilbert (corrections)
PullDown Wilbert (more corrections)
SmoothFreezeFrame Wilbert (needed to add some text, otherwise <code> doesn't work (apperently ...) )
TimeStretch Wilbert (note)
FPS Wilbert (removed stuff)
ChangeList Wilbert (restructering changelist)
Trim Wilbert (small correction)
Animate Wilbert (some examples)
DoubleWeave Wilbert (styling)
FieldBasedVideo Wilbert (switched top and bottom; if you don't agree post something in FeedBack link)
SeparateFields Wilbert (typo)
ImageWriter Wilbert (typo)
Convert Wilbert (typos)
Cdeint Wilbert (update)
ChangeList_25-26 Wilbert (update)
AviSynth30 Wilbert (updated links)
Showframes Wilbert (v2.56 updates)
ChangeList_25 Wilbert (v2.57 updates)
Limiter Wilbert (v2.60 additions)
Tweak Wilbert (v2.60 updates)
Info Wilbert (v2.60 updates)
ImageSource Wilbert (v2.60 updates)
ColorSpaces Wilbert (will update the YV12 part later :) )

pa Wilbert

RecentChanges Wilbert
niiyan Wilbert
MostCommonFilters Wilbert
Letterbox Wilbert
MergeRGB Wilbert
Modulo Wilbert
translation Wilbert
vfr video Wilbert
XviD Wilbert
VirtualDubMod Wilbert
SimpleSample Wilbert
SimpleSampleClass Wilbert
ShowAlpha Wilbert
Swap Wilbert
SmoothDeinterlacer Wilbert
Splice Wilbert
SourceForge Wilbert
ChangeFrameSize Wilbert
ChangeList_20 Wilbert
ChangeList_20-25 Wilbert
AddBorders Wilbert
AdvancedTopics Wilbert
ConvertToRGB32 Wilbert
FrameServer Deutsch Wilbert
FixBrokenChromaUpsampling Wilbert
ForkingAround Wilbert
GPU_001 Wilbert
GreyScale Wilbert
FindAudioSyncScript Wilbert
DelayAudio Wilbert
DataStorageInAviSynth Wilbert
Reverse 242106.upc-i.chello.nl
Normalize Wilbert (added example)
Logische Operatoren Wilbert (correcting link to LogicalOperators)
AssumeFieldFirst Wilbert (typo)
logical operators Wilbert
MergeChannels Wilbert (corrected styling)
ConditionalReader Wilbert (typos)
Write node-d-054c.a2000.nl (corrections)
ConvertingAnalogCaptures_to_XviD/SVCD Wilbert (replaced guide by link to doom)
Alpha Release Wilbert
ResizeARC Wilbert (typos, styling)
CheckParity Wilbert (typos)
MartinVogler Wilbert

Minor contributions

(typo, links, or very short text up to 1000 chars) - seems nothing to relicense
3DNow! Deutsch Arlsair (Added link to IntegerSSE)
SSE Deutsch Arlsair (Remove IntegerSSE text, added link)
TwoFiveInvert Deutsch Arlsair (Added link to english site)
NanDub Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
OpenDML Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
ISSE Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
MMX Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
LoadPlugin Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
TwoFiveInvert Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
TheWEF Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
TMPGEnc Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
VirtualDub Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
VobSub Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
SuperSampling Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
BeSweet Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
AdvancedTips Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
AviUtl Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
AvisynthEditor Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
GetInvolved Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
IntegerSSE Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
DaveEL Arlsair (Added link to german world of avisynth.org)
PeculiarBlend Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
IPCSource Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
MonoToStereo Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
Loop Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
Version Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
ShowFiveVersions Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
Select Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
Blackness Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
ConvertToMono Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
ComplementParity Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
FreezeFrame Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
FixLuminance Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
Flip Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
HSIAdjust Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
DirectShow Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
DeleteFrame Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
DuplicateFrame Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
EnsureVBRMP3Sync Arlsair (Added link to the german world of avisynth.org)
AviSource cmosher01) (spelling)
Compare (dah31) (clarify first sentence; italicise parameter names)
Compare Deutsch (dah31) (Rechtschreibung)
Sektion 4: Importieren von VirtualDub-Filtern (KTG_TheDOC) (umlaute)
Anf?ngerTips h081217023062.dyn.cm.kabsi.at (light correction) EnvInvoke (pengvado) (typo)
RecoverSuper8Frames (martin53)
RestoreSuper8Frames (martin53)
UpdateFromItaly (poptones)
QuickTime (RRipley)
Layer (Stevie-O) (ColorKeyMask's tolerance param has no default, clarify formula)
BlankClip (Stevie-O) (Clarify "template" parameter)
AviSynthManual (Stevie-O) (Add link to ColorPresets)
ColorPresets (Stevie-O) (Clarify use and add examples)
DeInterlacing (wixi) (corrected Decomb URL)
WhyPython (www.animetheory.com) (speling errur XP and caps)
SyntaxHighlighting (Zonk)
SyntaxHighlighting Deutsch LigH (Added a link to the ConTEXT highlighter)
Turn Deutsch LigH
FunctionArguments LigH (new)
FunktionsArgumente LigH
GeneralConvolution Deutsch LigH
AviEncodingUsingXviD BlindWanderer (broken internal link)
AviEncodingUsingDivX5 BlindWanderer (broken internal link)
AviEncodingUsingDivX3 BlindWanderer (broken internal link)
InternalCache Deutsch BlindWanderer (Creation - basic definition)
PluginFilters BlindWanderer (updated a little)
LoadVirtualDubPlugin BlindWanderer
LoadVFAPIPlugin BlindWanderer
Null Debugging Command BlindWanderer (german placeholder)
sh0dan BlindWanderer (nm)
Schl?sselworte BlindWanderer (added TimeStretch)
AviSynthInOtherLanguages Fizick
CompilingAviSynth foxyshadis (replace sp6 with sp5+pp)
LimitSharpen foxyshadis
VariableFrameRateVideo foxyshadis (add link to new wiki)
RipAndPrepareTheDVD hakko504
SemiautomaticEncodingUsingEnc hakko504
CreateScriptGordianKnot28 hakko504
CreateScriptGordianKnot hakko504
RGBAdjust niiyan
Wilbert Dijkhof niiyan
AboutAviSynth niiyan
AviSynthFaq niiyan
AssumeFrameField niiyan (small correction)


DoomNineForum PaulKroll (Added specific AviSynth forum name, added Development forum link)
ProfiTips (scanner) (ein ü)
Mitmachen (scanner) (umlaute)
Mehr?berAviSynth (scanner) (umlaute)
Sektion 3: Filter, Plugins und Farbr?ume (scanner)
TMPGEnc Deutsch (scanner) (umlaute)
XviD Deutsch (scanner) (umlaute)
VirtualDubMod Deutsch (scanner) (umlaute)
SkriptVariablen (scanner) (umlaute)
SkriptGrammatik (scanner) (umlaute)
SkriptBeispiele (scanner) (umlaute)
SkriptFunktionen (scanner) (umlaute)
SourceForge Deutsch (scanner) (umlaute)
ClipEigenschaften (scanner) (umlaute)
AVSGenie Deutsch (scanner) (umlaute)
AddAudio Deutsch (scanner) (umlaute)
AviSynthPlugins Deutsch (scanner)
AviSynthInAnderenSprachen (scanner) (umlaute)
FortgeschrittenenTips (scanner) (umlaute)
FilterSDK Deutsch (scanner) (umlaute)
DivX Deutsch (scanner) (umlaute)
Fehlersuche (scanner) (umlaute)

niiyan at forum.doom9.org, avisynth.info
"I didn't make any contribution to old avisynth wiki, except for removing spam messages".

JapanesePlugins niiyan
AvisynthWiki niiyan

Anonymous contributions

(ip-adress only, without any pseudonym) - assumed as free for any use by Avisynth developers
SegmentedAviSource 068-138.onebb.com
HowToApplyFilterToManySingleFrames 0x5358b6d9.kd4nxx16.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk
ReduceBy2 12-226-239-213.client.mchsi.com
SeparateFields Deutsch
red shifter (3d anaglyph? 174-79-ADSL.red.retevision.es
Levels 201-10-17-37.paemt704.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br
Section 1: About AviSynth 20151029143.user.veloxzone.com.br
SimpleSample 1.7
Section 3: Filters, plugins and colorspaces
VirtualDub_I 211-76-97-230.proxy.ebix.net.tw
BeSweet Deutsch
Amplify (minor editing and clarification of terms)
ColorConversions 3e44b5b4.adsl.enternet.hu
~warpenterprises/files/mpeg2dec_25_dll_20030107.zip 59-115-73-154.dynamic.hinet.net
Version Deutsch
DivX5Enc 62-101-126-214.ip.fastwebnet.it
InstallInstructions 64.213.119-80.rev.gaoland.net
AVSGenie (Download URL update)
FrameServer 81-208-106-72.ip.fastwebnet.it
DVB MPEG-2 Converter 81-208-83-247.fastres.net
Weave 82-41-24-31.cable.ubr04.edin.blueyonder.co.uk
Section 3%3A Filters%2C plugins and colorspaces
Section 2: AviSynth and frameserving a167.1.adsl.nextgen.net.mt
GetChannel ACA365E5.ipt.aol.com (Spelling correction to ordering from ordening)
~warpenterprises ACBEB71E.ipt.aol.com
AnfängerTips adsl085.jetzweb.de
Crop adsl-217-5-86.asm.bellsouth.net (Giving examples of cropping.)
InterlacingAndDeinterlacing adsl-62-167-29-133.adslplus.ch (1b 2a 3b 4b -> 1b 2b 3b 4b)
Troubleshooting adsl-69-234-54-114.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net (WMP 7+ support)
YourFirstScript AMontsouris-151-1-19-90.w82-123.abo.wanadoo.fr
Keywords APuteaux-151-1-26-26.w82-124.abo.wanadoo.fr
AviSynth French ARouen-252-1-139-108.w86-215.abo.wanadoo.fr
ScriptGrammar ASte-Genev-Bois-151-1-3-200.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr
ScriptVariables ASte-Genev-Bois-151-1-3-200.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr
ScriptFunctions ASte-Genev-Bois-151-1-3-200.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr
ScriptExamples ASte-Genev-Bois-151-1-3-200.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr
Section 4: Importing filters from VirtualDub ASte-Genev-Bois-151-1-3-200.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr
ClipProperties ASte-Genev-Bois-151-1-3-200.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr
AviSynthPlugins ASte-Genev-Bois-151-1-3-200.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr
~warpenterprises/files bas6-kitchener06-1177624397.dsl.bell.ca
ConditionalFilter bzq-25-79-130.static.bezeqint.net
CutFinder c199051.adsl.hansenet.de
Canberx 0wNz y0u ! c-69-143-159-10.hsd1.md.comcast.net
Fade c-69-249-31-63.hsd1.pa.comcast.net (Major cleanups and clarifications.)
AssumeSampleRate campari.com
PowerAnimate catv-5062cac2.catv.broadband.hu (minor code formatting)
MoreAboutAviSynth chello080109082037.3.15.vie.surfer.at
SuperSampling Deutsch chello080109097052.14.15.vie.surfer.at
GraphEdit Deutsch chello080109097052.14.15.vie.surfer.at
RemovingBlendedFilmFramesOnVcds chrax1-a190.dialup.optusnet.com.au
AlterFPS chrax4-a055.dialup.optusnet.com.au
FiltersByCategory CPE001346f1ef75-CM00407b862ace.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com
SandBox CUSTOMER.VPLS.NET (testing)
KillPulse d209-121-95-1.bchsia.telus.net
DePulse d209-121-95-1.bchsia.telus.net
WorkingWithPlanarImages d66-183-42-64.bchsia.telus.net
WorkingWithImages d66-183-42-64.bchsia.telus.net
MessageClip d83-177-255-232.cust.tele2.fr
YLevels dsl.static8596180180.ttnet.net.tr
ColorYUV dsl85-105-51673.ttnet.net.tr
DVX Deutsch dslb-084-060-164-221.pools.arcor-ip.net
Resize Deutsch dslb-088-072-224-120.pools.arcor-ip.net
MoveField gprs-pool-1-029.eplus-online.de
Soften host163-215.pool8249.interbusiness.it
HuffYUV Deutsch host202.optimation.com.au (Doom9 nicht leech)
HuffYUV host202.optimation.com.au (Fix link, Doom9 is leech protected.)
AddAudio host202.optimation.com.au (Make clip V2 match clip V1 but with audio)
LoadOldPlugins host205-73.pool8248.interbusiness.it
AviSynth Deutsch ip-80-226-193-193.vodafone-net.de
AviSynthFAQ Deutsch ip-90-186-245-241.web.vodafone.de
OpenSource ip91355e34.speed.planet.nl
DivX isi-dial-152-4.isionline-dialin.de
ffdshow isi-dial-152-4.isionline-dialin.de
GraphEdit muedsl-82-207-232-027.citykom.de
Alex3D mute.rmt.ru
mfToon nt-1211.cae.wisc.edu
AviSynthHandbuch p3E9E00D6.dip0.t-ipconnect.de
Turn p5088292B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de
LimitedSharpen p5482E66A.dip.t-dialin.net
Arlsair p548F2B05.dip0.t-ipconnect.de
FitCD Deutsch p549200A1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de (update links)
FitCD p549200A1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de
Levels Deutsch p5492920F.dip0.t-ipconnect.de
AddBorders Deutsch p549C09AD.dip0.t-ipconnect.de (ein übersehenes ö)
Crop Deutsch p549C09AD.dip0.t-ipconnect.de (öäü)
AviSynthGuides p54A14604.dip0.t-ipconnect.de (DVX removed since StaxRip was added)
DVX p54A336B8.dip0.t-ipconnect.de (typos)
AviSynthTwoFiveTwoBugs pC19F9507.dip.t-dialin.net
DVD2SVCD pcp02797990pcs.goosck01.sc.comcast.net
DirectShowSource Deutsch pd95b0f94.dip0.t-ipconnect.de (Formulierungen und Rechtschreibung korrigiert)
Sektion 3: Filter, Plugins und Farbräume pD9F9EF57.dip.t-dialin.net
InterleavedImageFormat pw25-26alxpjb2.pw.usda.gov
do=process server1.multimia.com
GordianKnot smtp.abc.net.au
Overlay smtp5.surveysampling.com (typo)
Sektion 2: AviSynth und FrameServing surfers.siteco.de (Link zu WMNicEnc von Nic korrigiert)
MagicPrisma svobodny-ro5-1-rtr3-dialup15.wan.amur.ru
AviSynth tide517.microsoft.com
Dissolve vaucresson-2-82-227-100-121.fbx.proxad.net (Link to Splice updated)
SelectRangeEvery Deutsch vpn017193.uni-rostock.de
Showframes Deutsch vpn017194.uni-rostock.de
Blur Deutsch vpn018040.uni-rostock.de
ConditionalFilter Deutsch vpn018040.uni-rostock.de
Image Deutsch vpn018040.uni-rostock.de
Soften Deutsch vpn018119.uni-rostock.de
ShareFunctions Wb354.w.pppool.de (Added FixChromaticAberrarion)
GesammelteFunktionen Wb7f0.w.pppool.de (FixChromaticAberration hinzugefügt)
BeginnerTips wnpgmb06dc1-178-42.dynamic.mts.net (spelling correction "whis" to "which")

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