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From: "Ben Rudiak-Gould" < b...@myth.berkeley.edu>
Subject: Announcing Avisynth v0.1 - free GPL'd non-linear editing utility
Date: 2000/05/19
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I've just released an insanely cool, and somewhat useful, utility called
"Avisynth." Basically, it's like VirtualDub's frameserver mode, except that
it's faster and it supports non-linear editing. Here's the blurb from the
home page:

"Avisynth is a scripting language and a collection of filters for simple
non-linear editing tasks. What makes Avisynth unusual is that it does not
generate output files. Instead, Avisynth scripts, which have the extension
.AVS, can be opened directly in applications which read AVI files. When an
AVS file is opened, Avisynth runs in the background, generating video and
audio data according to the script and feeding it to the application as

"Avisynth has a variety of uses. With a single-line script, you can add
support for AVI files of more than 2 gigabytes to applications which don't
support them natively. With UnalignedSplice, you can recombine segmented
capture files for the use of those same applications. With Cut, Trim,
AlignedSplice, and Dissolve, you can select and rearrange scenes from raw
video footage. With SeparateFields and Weave you can edit interlaced video
on field boundaries. With Pulldown you can remove 3:2 pulldown. With
SpatialSoften and TemporalSoften you can denoise your video for
much-improved quality in output formats like MPEG. There are many more
filters besides, and I will take requests for new filters."

Avisynth is free, GPL'd software. It works with all popular MPEG encoders
including AVI2MPG1, bbMPEG, LSX, Panasonic, TMPGEnc, and (blecch) Xing. It
occupies a whopping 72K of hard disk space, making it the smallest NLE
program in existence by a factor of about 500. The home page is
http://www.math.berkeley.edu/~benrg/avisynth.html .

In other news, Huffyuv is now at version 1.2.2, with support for UYVY
compression along with RGB and YUY2. The home page is
http://www.math.berkeley.edu/~benrg/huffyuv.html .

-- Ben

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