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Author `Orum
Version v0.2
Download PointSize_0.2.zip
Category Resize
License GPLv3
Discussion Doom9 Thread


[edit] Description

PointSize is a collection of specialized resizers for pixel-art and other low resolution graphics (e.g. old or portable video game captures). For an explanation of the various filters, please see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_scaling

[edit] Requirements

*** vc_redist.x86.exe is required for PointSize_x86
*** vc_redist.x64.exe is required for PointSize_x64

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

LQx (clip, int "scale")
HQx (clip, int "scale")
scalex (clip, int "scale")
xBRZ (clip, int "scale", float "Yweight", float "EqColorTol", float "DomDirThresh", float "SteepDirThresh")

clip   =
Input clip

int  scale = 2
Supported "scale" values for various filters (inclusive):
  • scalex(): 2 to 3
  • LQx(): 2 to 4
  • HQx(): 2 to 4
  • xBRZ(): 2 to 6

float  Yweight = 1
float  EqColorTol = 30
float  DomDirThresh = 3.6
float  SteepDirThresh = 2.2
Additional parameters for xBRZ:
  • Yweight: luminance weight
  • EqColorTol: equal color tolerance
  • DomDirThresh : dominant direction threshold
  • SteepDirThresh : steep/shallow direction threshold
luminanceWeight, equalColorTolerance, dominantDirectionThreshold, and steepDirectionThreshold parameters for xBRZ.

[edit] Examples


[edit] Changelog

Version      Date(D/M/Y)      Changes
v0.2 04/01/2016 - Restructured so that each algorithm family has only a single function, with a scale parameter - Added support for the xBRZ algorithm, including support for tweaking its parameters - License changed to GPLv3 due to inclusion of the xBRZ algorithm - Resource added to include file version information within the DLL - Plugin is now updated for AviSynth 2.6 / AviSynth+ - 64-bit binaries are now included in the release (in addition to x86) - Binaries are built with a newer version of MSVS (2015) - Cleaned up code a bit (negligible or no effect on the binary)
v0.1 20/05/2010 - Initial release

[edit] Archived Downloads

Version Download Source code
v0.2 PointSize_0.2.zip PointSize_0.2.zip
v0.1 PointSize_0.1.7z

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