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Author Lefungus, On2Tech
Version v0.25.1.0
Download SSIM_0251.7z
Category Debug filter
Discussion Doom9 Thread


[edit] Description

A filter that compute an objective video quality metric between two videos. Based on SSIM work from Zhou Wang.

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

SSIM (clip, clip, string, string, int "lumimask", int "scaled")
SSIM_FRAME (clip, clip)
SSIM_Y_FRAME (clip, clip)
SSIM_U_FRAME (clip, clip)
SSIM_V_FRAME (clip, clip)

clip   =
clip   =
clip1 and clip2 are the reference clip and the compressed clip.

string   = "results.csv"
The file where obtained SSIM values will be written (this can be easily read in excel or notepad for those unfamiliar with the comma separated variables format)

string   = "globalSSIM.txt"
The file where global SSIM values will be written.

int  lumimask = 1
This filter is designed to compute an SSIM value by three methods, the original one, and a "enhanced" one that weight these results by lumimasking.
0 : lumamasking disabled
1 : lumamasking enabled (original method from SSIM v0.24)
2 : lumamasking enabled (new method as proposed by On2Tech) - see discussion here and here for more info.

int  scaled = 1
The global score is scaled from 0 to 100 instead of 0 to 1. Set to false if you prefer it non-scaled.
0 : false
1 : true

[edit] Examples


SSIM(clip1, clip2, "results.csv", "globalSSIM.txt", lumimask=1, scaled=1)

[edit] Changelog

Version      Date            Changes
v0.25.1.0 2020/03/31 - changes by Groucho2004 - update to avisynth 2.6 api, latest headers from avs+ - x64 binary v0.25.1.0 - Modifications by On2Tech, see discussion here and here - add "SSIM_FRAME", "SSIM_Y_FRAME", "SSIM_U_FRAME", "SSIM_V_FRAME" functions v0.24a 2005/04/05 - change "lumimask" and "scaled" from bool to integer - add "lumimask=2" mode v0.24 2004/06/06 - various bugfixes v0.23 - minor memory leak removed v0.22 - added "scaled" parameter v0.21 - flag for globalSSIM added - some checks added v0.20 2003/09/10 - Updated. It is somewhat faster, and include lumimasking. v0.10 2003/07/29 - Initial release [1] - No vectorization yet, so it's quite slow. - Thanks Zhou Wang and Mfa for their code !

[edit] Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v0.25.1.0 (2020) SSIM_0251.7z SSIM_0251.7z
v0.25.1.0 SSIM0.25.1.0.rar SSIM0.25.1.0.rar
v0.24 Binary: SSIM-0.24.rar /// Source: SSIMSrc-0.24.rar
v0.23 Binary: SSIM-0.23.rar /// Source: SSIMSrc-0.23.rar

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