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Author Simon Walters
Version v1.4c
Category Debug filter
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread


[edit] Description

This diagnostic filter displays the actual Y U and V (or R G and B) values from pixels within a frame. This can be useful in determining levels or seeing how another filter changes actual pixel values. See official documentation: showpixelvalues.html

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

ShowPixelValues (clip, int "Left", int "Top", bool "ShowValues", bool "ShowArea", int "Bright", int "Dim", int "Threshold", bool "ShowPixels")

clip   =
Input clip.

int  Left = 0
int  Top = 0
Left and Top dictate what part of the frame will be expanded to examine. Left is always adjusted to be an even value. Left and Top are limited to maximum values to prevent trying to magnify an area not in the frame.

bool  ShowValues = true
ShowValues determines whether the pixel values are displayed.

bool  ShowArea = false
ShowArea highlights the area that is magnified by drawing a border around it.

int  Bright = 235
Bright (0-255) - Normal brightness of displayed pixel values.

int  Dim = 160
Dim (0-255) - Brightness value used in light areas.

int  Threshold = 200
Threshold (0-255) - Threshold for determining light/normal areas.

bool  ShowPixels = true
ShowPixels - if false then it blanks underlying pixel colour to improve value clarity.

[edit] Examples

Show the pixel values at the top left of the frame:

AviSource("Test.avi") ShowPixelValues()
  • In YUY2 mode the filter outputs pairs of magnified pixels with their Y U and V values e.g.
    19 18
    128 131

    Here 19 = Y1 value, 18 = Y2 value, 128 = U, 131 = V. (if this seems strange it is because each pair of Y value shares its U and V values with each other in YUY2 colourspace). The Y1 value is underlined to make it a bit more obvious which value is which.
  • In RGB32 mode the filter outputs each magnified pixel with their R G and B values in their respective colours e.g.

    Where 74 = Red value, 138 = Green, 69 = Blue.

[edit] Version History

6th January  2006 - V1.4c Fixed crashes caused by non mod 16 image sizes, reduced inconsistencies between 
                    RBG/YU2 modes and reduced size of some characters used in font to improve clarity.

xx yyyy 200z V1.4 - Can't Remember

3rd November 2003 - V1.3 Added underlining to Y1 value in YUY2 mode.

1st November 2003 - Added ability to alter brightness of displayed pixel values

31st October 2003 - Added ability to display RGB32.

30th October 2003 - 1st release.

[edit] Archived Downloads

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[edit] Source Code

All source code here is provided under the GPL license. This means you are free to use and distribute the software and program code for no fee. This also means you are free and encouraged to improve and expand upon the source code, but only as long as you make your modified version also under the GPL, and thus free software with access to the source code for anyone. The source code compiles under Visual C++ 2005. If there is a problem with the source code distribution, please do let me know.

Please email me if you have any queries/comments/ideas/bug reports

Copyright Simon Walters

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