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Author V.C.Mohan
Download 2.5.8 versionSpinner 2.6.0 alpha5 version URL -->Spinner
Category External filters
License GPLv2
Discussion Spinner plugin



Image is rotated by given angle and a full description is at click me.


* Not available in AviSynth 2.5.8.


Syntax and Parameters

Spinner(clip, int "r",float "angle", float "x", float "y ",float"color",int "q",bool "bg",clip "tclip")

clip   =
Input clip.

r  int = half of diagnal of frame
radius of circle for rotation.

angle  float = 90
angle of rotation .

x  float = frame width / 2
x coord of axis of rotation

y  float = frame height/2
y coordinate of axis of rotation

color  int = 0
color to be used to fill voids.

q  int = 5
Type of interpolation to be used. 0 to 5 .

bg  bool = true
Whether un rotated input clip to be used as background(true) or color (false) .

tclip  clip = none
If a separate clip is specified it will be used as bg as in a transition.


## This is some example code to use spinner in a transition.
imagereader("C:\..........jpg", end = 10)
a = avisource("C;\..........avi").converttoYV16()
Spinner( angle = -30, eangle = 130, q=5, tclip = a)

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