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style="width:80em;margin:0 0 0 0em;padding:0;border:none;"

create a smaller, neater, optionally indented, code (PRE) block; may also be useful for other box elements

usage and preview:

<div {{BoxWidthIndent|W|I}} >
 your code sample goes here...
...where W = width and I = indentation, in character-width (CSS em) units.
(decimal values like 1.25 are allowed, but trailing spaces eg, |1 |1.2 }} will create invalid CSS)
  • The contents of the <div> can be anything you like; however this template was created for preformatted text as shown above.
  • Your preformatted text starts each line with one or more spaces, as usual.
  • The preview above can be created with   <div {{BoxWidthIndent|24|2}}>  

--Raffriff42 01:10, 4 January 2016 (CET)

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