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Author Shubin
Version 20040130
Category Transitions and Effects
License GPLv2


[edit] Description

Transition plugin for AviSynth.

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

Transition (clip, clip, string "Effect", int "PARAM", int "CX", int "CY")

    clip "clip"
        The first clip
    clip "clip2"
        The second clip
    string "Effect"
        Mode: "l" for line and "c" for circle.

    int "PARAM"
        Radius for circle and slope for line
    int "CX"
    int "CY"
        xCenter and yCenter. Default for both CX and CY is -1 (ClipWidth/2, ClipHeight/2).

This filter produces a combination of two clips. Currently it has
two modes : circle and line. In the first one, circle, the second
clip appears in the circle area inside the first clip. This area
has radius R and center specified by xCenter and yCenter.
If xCenter or yCenter are omitted, they will be at the middle of
the screen.
The next mode, line, is more complicated. It makes a line across
the screen, passing through the point xCenter,yCenter with slope
R. Slope 0 means horizontal line (0 degrees), 64 - vertical (90
degrees) etc. In range 0..127 clip1 will be on top of clip2,
in range 128..255 vise versa etc. This gives a possibility of
making a rotating line, like in


Plugin should work in all color spaces. clip1 and clip2 should be
the same size and color space.

[edit] Examples

clip1 = ColorBars(width=512, height=250).KillAudio()
clip2 = Blackness(width=512, height=250).killAudio()

Transition(clip1, clip2, Effect="l", PARAM=128)


[edit] Changelog

Version      Date            Changes
20040130 2004/01/30 - latest release

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