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Author V.C.Mohan
Version 24 June 2020
Download TxPlus.7z
Category External filters
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Forum



The functions in this plugin are very similar to those of TransAll. Mostly recoded for handling more bit depths and formats for AviSynth+. All functions are thread safe MT_NICE_FILTER.

The TxPlus plug-in creates transition from one clip to another clip having equal frame width, height, pitch, color format. and similar Audio formats. The scene will gradually form from the firs Clip to the second Clip during the specified overlap duration. Audio of the first clip fades out while of the second fades in duringition. (24 bit audio is not accepted). Brief description of all the functions within this plugin is given in the Synopsis. Around 150 distinctions can be created with these functions. In the detailed descriptions typical images seen duringition are depicted.

Place the TxPlus.dll in the appropriate AviSynth+ autoloading plugin folder . A LoadPlugin call will be needed if the plugin is put in any other folder. As there are many functions in this plugin , it may be preferable to keep this plugin in a different folder and invoke LoadPlugin. All parameters excepting input clips and overlap time, have default values.


Syntax and Parameters

Accord (clip, clip, float, string "dir", bool "twin", bool "open")
Bloom (clip, clip, float, bool "emerge")
Bubbles (clip, clip, float, bool "static")
Central (clip, clip, float, bool "emerge, bool "resize, int "nturns")
Crumple (clip, clip, float, string "type, bool "fold")
Disco (clip, clip, float, int "radius, int "nturns, bool "emerge")
FlipPage (clip, clip, float, string "dir")
FlipTurn (clip, clip, float, int "vflip, int "hflip, int "nturns")
Funnel (clip, clip, float, string "dir")
Marbles (clip, clip, float, int "radius", int" mag", bool "drop")
Paint (clip, clip, float, string "type")
Push (clip, clip, float, string "dir")
Ripple (clip, clip, float, int "lambda", int "amp", string "origin")
Ripples (clip, clip, float, int "lambda", int "amp", string "origin")
Roll (clip, clip, float, int "dir", bool "rollin")
Scratch (clip, clip, float, string "style")
Shuffle (clip, clip, float, string "dir")
Slide (clip, clip, float, int "dir", bool "slidein")
Sprite (clip, clip, float, string "dir")
Swing (clip, clip, float, bool "out", int ndoors", int "corner", bool "dir")
Swirl (clip, clip, float, string "dir", int "step")
TwinDoors (clip, clip, float, bool "vert" bool "open")
VenetianBlinds (clip, clip, float, int "width" string "type", bool "open")
Weave (clip, clip, float, string "type", bool "open")
Wipe (clip, clip, float, int "dir")

List of Available Transitions


A sample script may look like this:

#any desired call in place of Sprite below

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
24 June 2020 TxPlus.7z

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