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%%% tables:
{| border="1"
nl | v2.55
| Added fourCC option.

%%% tables - more advanced (three columns with different width):
{| border="1" cellpadding="4"
!width=25%| Filter
!width=50%| Description
!width=25%| Color format
| [[Info]]
| Prints out image and sound information.
| RGB24, RGB32, YUY2, Y8, YV411, YV12, YV16, YV24

%%% creating and referring to a category:
Add the following at the end of a page:
[[Category:Internal filters]]

%%% creating and referring to a subcategory:
%%% for example a codecs category divided into several subcategories
Add the following at the end of a codec description page:

when saving it, it will show up like this:

Now go to the LosslessCodecs page and add some text followed by

Finally go to Codecs page and add some text.

%%% redirect to other pages:
#REDIRECT [[BlankClip]] [[Category:Internal filters]]

%%% linking to 'Runtime Functions' when clicking on 'blabla':
<div id="runtime">Runtime Functions</div>

%%% linking - works only for sections:
== Runtime Functions ==
[[#Runtime_Functions|Runtime Functions]]

%%% templates
{{Template:FuncDef| ...}}
{{Template:Func4Def| ...}}

they are defined on this page: ...

%%% Filters: when adding defaults in the template description use "&#61 ;" (without empty space) and not "=", otherwise the template is not generated:
{{Template:FuncDef|AviSource(string filename [, ... ] [, bool audio = true] [, string pixel_type = YV12] [, string fourCC])}}

%%% forcing table of contents:
Add "__FORCETOC__" to force a table of contents. If the number of sections is less than four, the table of contents will not automatically be generated.

%%% Link to a category page:
Link to the page [[:Category:Internal_filters]]

%%% added languages: The sidebar should be updated:

%%% Formula's using LaTeX (and the "math" tags):

<math>\eta(\tau) = q^{1/24} \prod_{n=1}^{\infty} (1-q^{n})</math>[[Category:{{{3}}}]]
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