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Author Kassandro
Version v0.1
Download VerticalCleaner.rar
Category Spatial Denoisers
License GPLv2
Discussion VideoProcessing Forum


[edit] Description

A fast vertical median plugin which comes in 4 versions:

Name Comments
VerticalCleanerS.dll Statically linked SSE version.
VerticalCleaner.dll Dynamically linked SSE version.
VerticalCleanerSSE2.dll Dynamically linked SSE2 version.
VerticalCleanerSSE3.dll Dynamically linked SSE3 version. [NOT RECOMMENDED]
*VerticalCleanerSSE2.dll is highly recommended as it's considered to be the most compatible and stable.

Note: RgTools is recommended as a modern drop-in replacement for VerticalCleaner.

[edit] Requirements


[edit] Syntax and Parameters

VerticalCleaner (clip, int "mode", bool "planar")

clip   =
Input clip.

int  mode = 2
  • 0 : copy input
  • 1 : vertical median
  • 2 : relaxed vertical median (preserves more detail)

bool  planar = false
See SSETools Interleaved2Planar.

[edit] Mode Description

Written by Kassandro

Let b1, b2, c, t1, t2 be a vertical sequence of pixels. The center pixel c is to be modified in terms of the 4 neighbours. For simplicity let us assume that b2 <= t1. Then in mode 1, c is clipped with respect to b2 and t1, i.e. c is replaced by max(b2, min(c, t1)). In mode 2 the clipping intervall is widened, i.e. mode 2 is more conservative than mode 1. If b2 > b1 and t1 > t2, then c is replaced by max(b2, min(c, max(t1,d1) )), where d1 = min(b2 + (b2 - b1), t1 + (t1 - t2)). In other words, only if the gradient towards the center is positive on both clipping ends, then the upper clipping bound may be larger. If b2 < b1 and t1 < t2, then c is replaced by max(min(b2, d2), min(c, t1)), where d2 = max(b2 - (b1 - b2), t1 - (t2 - t1)). In other words, only if the gradient towards the center is negative on both clipping ends, then the lower clipping bound may be smaller.
In mode 1 the top and the bottom line are always left unchanged. In mode 2 the two first and the two last lines are always left unchanged.

[edit] Examples

VerticalCleaner with default values:

VerticalCleaner(mode=2, planar=false)

[edit] Changelog

2008-02-28 :
 - Initial release

[edit] Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v0.1 VericalCleaner.rar VerticalCleaner.rar

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