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Author dubhater, asd-g
Version v2.1.1
Download SmoothUV2-
Category Spatial Denoisers
License GPLv2



SmoothUV2 is a spatial derainbow filter. This filter performs structure-preserving smoothing (blurring) on the U/V (chrominance or colour) information of the image, leaving Y (luminance) intact. It was created in an attempt to reduce the appearance of "rainbows" (cross-colour artifacts) near lines in some cel animation.

This version is a port of the VapourSynth version, changes to the original SmoothUV:

  • Only SmoothUV() implemented
  • "fields" parameter renamed to "interlaced"
  • Additional colorspace support
  • x64 bit version


*** vc_redist.x86.exe is required for DeDot-x86
*** vc_redist.x64.exe is required for DeDot-x64

Syntax and Parameters

SmoothUV (clip, int "radius", int "threshold", bool "interlaced")

clip   =
A clip to process. It must have constant format and it must be 8 bit YUV.

int  radius = 3
Radius. Must be between 1 and 7.
Larger values smooth more.
Default: 3

int  threshold = 270
Threshold. Must be between 0 and 450.
Larger values smooth more.
Default: 270

bool  interlaced =
Determine if the frame is interlaced.
Default: auto detect based on IsFiledBased().
False is for progressive input, true is for interlaced input.


SmoothUV with default settings:

SmoothUV(radius=3, threshold=270)


Version      Date            Changes
v2.1.1 2020/06/03 - Fixed memory misalignment for AviSynth 2.6. - Fixed processing when interlaced and h % 2.
v2.1.0 2020/05/17 - Move project to GitHub - Update to AviSynth+'s v8 interface - Rename files to SmoothUV2
2019/04/02 - Backport SmoothUV from VapourSynth port by Dubhater - Add YV16 and YV24 support - x64 version - Compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2019 - Author: Asd

External Links

  • GitHub - Source code repository.

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