Bubbles creates soap bubbles of different sizes in myriad colors emanating at given source coordinates. These travel in different paths towards 'farx'. The 'floory' specifies the y coordinate below which the bubbles will not travel. Rise is the height to which the bubbles reach above srcy. The effect should preferably span over at least 60 frames input for visual impact. RGB, YUY2 and Planar formats 8/9-16/32 bit depths only are supported at this time. This is thread safe.

Details of parameters
Description Name Type Limits Default
clip valid clip
Effect start frame number sf Integer within clip first frame
Effect end frame number ef Integer within clip last frame
Bubbles source x coordinate sx integer 10 to width-10 10
Bubbles source y coordinate sy integer 42 to height-12 height-12
Bubbles farthest travel x coordinate farx integer 10 to width-10 width-10
Bubbles will not descend below floory integer not less than srcy, 42 to height - 12 srcy
Maximum rise of bubbles above srcy rise integer 32 to srcy-10 srcy-10
Whether bubbles should be of different colors? color boolean true for yes, false for grey/white only true

#Usage examples:-
Bubbles(last,51,190, sx=20,sy=400,farx=700, floory=420,3rise=00,true)

Bubbles(last,51,190, sx=20,sy=400,farx=700, color=false)

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