Conez function wraps the image over a cone of given base and top diameters.. The cone can be either vertical or horizontal. Background clip is used if specified otherwise main clip itself is used as background. Wrapping can be gradual or constantly full. If equal values of base and top are used then it will be a cylinder. In case of Horizontal the base will be diameter of the cone at left end. The cone edges or central axis can shaded. RGB, YUY2 and Planar 8/9-16/32 bit depth formats are supported. Thread safe.

Details of parameters
Description Name Type Limits Default
clip valid clip
Effect start frame number sf Integer within clip first frame
Effect end frame number ef Integer within clip last frame
Direction of cone axis dir string "hor" "ver" "ver"
Is wrapping progressive or constant prog boolean true for progressive true
Base diameter base integer 4 to width or height half of width or height
Top diameter top integer 4 to width or height base
Shading shade integer -255 to 255. If -ve edges are shaded more. 0 (no shading)
video for background? bkgrnd clip valid clip name with path for background main clip

#Usage examples:-
Conez(last,50,90, "hor",true,120,20, 50)
Conez (last,59,90, "ver", true, shade=-50, bkgrnd="c:\................avi"
Conez (last,59,90, "hor", base=100, top=200)
Conez (last,59,90)

Image with effect :
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