Firework Flashes during the first Tsmoke seconds generates smoke filled area (in a dark sky). Thereafter a series of light (reddish) flashes occur in the smoke filled portion as in fire works. The duration of flashes 'tflash', maximum radius of area 'radius' and its center 'x' and 'y' coordinates may be specified. Reasonably long dark (or black blank) clip will show the effect properly. RGB, YUY2 and Planar 8/ 9-16/ 32 bit depth formats are supported. Thread safe.

Details of parameters
Description Name Type Limits Default
clip clip none
start frame number sf Integer within clip first frame
end frame number ef Integer within clip last frame
x coordinate of source x integer to ensure visibilty of fireworks mid frame width
y coordinate of source y integer ensure visibility frame height/2
Maximum radius of smoke area radius integer diagonal of frame half of smaller dimension of frame
time in seconds for smoke filling tsmoke float more than 0 1
duration of each flash tflash float more than 0 1

#Usage examples:-
Flashes(last,51,650, radius=150, tflash=1)

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