RearViewMirror creates an image as if viewed with a rear view mirror. By proper choice of parameters an image as viewed with a fish eye can also be created.All color formats and bit depths are supported. Thread Safe.

The viewing mirror can be oval or rectangular and have a black border. Convexity of the mirror and field of view angles can be specified. The input image is viewed centrally on the mirror which can be placed on the output image at a desired location. Several parameters are akin to those in the function FishEye of manyPlus plugin, but operate in a inverse manner and produce a Fish Eye image from a normal image. In test mode dots are placed on input showing part of image that will be viewed on the mirror.

Details of parameters
Description Name Type Limits Default
clip. image of this is viewed on the mirror. clip none
clip. Mirrored image is seen on this. clip must have same format as the first clip none
mirror center x coordinate mcx Integer ensure full mirror is within clip center frame
mirror center y coordinate mcy Integer ensure full mirror is within clip center frame
method to be used for computing method Integer 1 to 5 3
field of view angle of mirror fov float 20 to 170 120.0
convexity of mirror cvx float 1.0 to 1.5 1.15
type of interpolation q integer 1.manipal 2x2, 2.bilinear 2x2, 3. bicubic 4x4 and 4. Lanczos 6x6 1
shape of mirror oval or rectangular oval boolean true for oval, false for rectangular true
mirror width mwd integer ensure source image is within frame frame width / 4
mirror height mht integer ensure source image is within frame frame height / 4
mirror border width border integer 0 to 30 and ensure mirror including border is within frame 5
is this a test test boolean true for test, false for regular process false
Input dimming factor for test pattern visibility dim float 0 to 1.0 0.5
density of dots in test display dots integer 1 to 4 2

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