Rockets generates rocket fire works firing off at regular intervals from within a horizontal range, and displays the glowing embers. Rockets travel in parabolic trajectories from a range of leftx and rightx and above given y coordinates. Rise of the rockets, its life time and interval of firing can be specified. Use this over a black sky background, and have over 4 sec length of clip . RGB, YUY2 and Planar 8/ 9-16/ 32 bit depth formats are supported. Thread Safe.

Details of parameters
Description Name Type Limits Default
clip clip none
start frame number sf Integer within clip first frame
end frame number ef Integer within clip last frame
Left x coordinate of firing range leftx integer ensure visibility 0
y coordinate of firing range y integer ensure visibility frame height-1
maximum height to which rockets rise rise integer not more than frame height inity
life time of rockets in seconds life float positive number 4
Firing interval in seconds interval float positive number 2
right x coordinate of firing range rightx integer max frame width-1 frame width-1

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